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Facebook accused of blocking Australian health sites

SAN FRANCISCO: A whistleblower group is accusing Facebook of deliberately blocking websites for Australian hospitals and emergency services as part of a negotiating tactic last year. The social network owned by Silicon Valley tech giant Meta was lobbying to weaken

Facebook investor Peter Thiel to step down from Meta board

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook-parent Meta Platforms said that billionaire investor Peter Thiel, an early investor who has been on the company’s board since 2005, has decided to retire. Thiel aims to spend time helping elect candidates who he believes will advance

Facebook-owner Meta to pay new $2 million UK fine

LONDON: Britain’s competition regulator said on Saturday it had fined Facebook-owner Meta (FB.O) 1.5 million pounds ($2 million) over fresh issues regarding its purchase of Giphy, a sanction that the US firm said it would accept. Britain’s Competition and Markets

Meta adds ‘personal boundary’ tool against virtual harassment

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook’s parent Meta Platforms said it is launching a tool for people using its virtual reality social platforms to maintain personal space boundaries, as concerns have mounted about user safety and sexual harassment in the metaverse. The new

Facebook to build world’s fastest AI supercomputer

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook parent Meta Platforms said that its research team has built a new artificial intelligence supercomputer that will be the fastest in the world when completed in mid-2022. Meta said in a blog post that its new AI

Facebook pays fines to Russia over banned content

MOSCOW: Facebook has paid 17 million roubles ($229,643) in fines owed in Russia for failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal, the Interfax news agency reported on Sunday, but with the threat of a potentially larger fine looming. Facebook parent

Facebook to take politics, race out of ad targeting

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook-parent Meta has said it will stop letting ads be targeted at users based on “sensitive” topics such as race, religion, sexuality or political party, citing concerns about abuse. The company’s deep knowledge about its users’ interests is

Facebook to shut down facial recognition system

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook announced it is shutting down its facial recognition system, which automatically identifies users in photos and videos, citing growing societal concerns about the use of such technology. “Regulators are still in the process of providing a clear

Facebook failed to contain hate speech against Muslims in India: Reports

NEW DELHI: Facebook was well aware that hate speech was spreading on its site in India which could exacerbate ethnic violence and did not deploy resources to curb the phenomenon, US media reported, citing internal documents. The so-called ‘Facebook Papers’,

Minal Khan surprises Facebook user by sending her clothes for her daughter’s birthday

Famed actress Minal Khan has surprised a Facebook user by sending the clothes she needed for her daughter’s birthday event. Recently, a Facebook user posted Minal Khan’s photos in a group mentioning that she needs those clothes the actress is

Facebook plans to connect one billion people with its new infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has unveiled its plans to connect the next one billion people to the internet with its new infrastructure and connectivity tools installation. With fast and affordable internet service, Facebook disclosed that since 2013 the company has managed

Facebook apologizes for second outage in a week

Facebook Inc apologized to users for a two-hour disruption to its services and blamed another faulty configuration change for its second global outage this week. The company confirmed its social media platform, Instagram, Messenger, and Workplace were impacted by the

Twitter’s new feature allows users to avoid heated conversations

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter has tested a new feature that will allow users to ascertain the vibe of a conversation before joining in to avoid heated conversations. Before joining in users can make sure if they want to get away from

70 million users join Telegram during Facebook and Whatsapp outage

Facebook and Whatsapp outage resulted into profit of 70 million users to telegram in one day. Reportedly, On Monday the global outage of most popular social media apps left millions struck, where on one hand it left Facebook’s founder lose

Why did WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram stop working?

Social media has become an important source of communication and information not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Millions of people globally use these platforms to communicate with people through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. The suspension of WhatsApp,

Mark Zuckerberg loses $7bn in hours during Facebook outage

A recent report has stated that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost around $6 billion during a rare lengthy outage of the company’s apps. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp saw outages earlier worldwide that tracks internet service outages. According to Forbes, Zuckerberg’s

Hilarious memes sparked after Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp outage

Last night, several social media sites went down due to outages globally which resulted in some funniest memes sparked by netizens in their leisure. Though some of the sites went down, Twitter was there for the rescue, so Facebook,  WhatsApp,

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp restored after nearly six-hour outage

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp were restored again late on Monday after a nearly six-hour outage that prevented the company’s users from accessing its social media and messaging services. “Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are coming back online

After YouTube, Facebook launches short short-video feature

Just days after TikTok announced that it had reached a billion active users, Facebook has today launched Reels on Facebook for all users in the US, bringing its short-form video competitor to many more people. In all honesty, Facebook seems more excited about

Facebook allows brands to communicate with customers on WhatsApp

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is rolling out new ways for businesses to find and chat with potential customers on its apps, the social media company said, as it seeks to become an online shopping destination. The new features will help Facebook,

Facebook exempts high-profile users from some of its rules

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook exempts certain celebrities, politicians and other high-profile users from some its own rules for posts as part of a program launched as a quality-control mechanism. The program, referred to as “cross check” or “XCheck,” shields millions of

Facebook and Ray-Ban launch ‘smart’ shades

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook and iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban launched their new smart glasses, in a step toward its aim of offering true augmented-reality spectacles. The “Ray-Ban Stories” shades can take pictures and video upon the wearer’s voice commands, and the

Facebook shuts down Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s account

The social networking site Facebook has shut down the account of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. According to the news agency, Facebook has also blocked the account of Dr. Fazel, the chief officer of Ashraf Ghani. It may be recalled

Facebook cuts access to research project over data collection policies

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has cut off some academic researchers for “scraping” data from the platform, sparking a fresh controversy about the leading social network’s transparency to outside experts studying misinformation and abusive content. The tech giant acted to block the

Twitter closes US offices as Big Tech makes vaccines mandatory

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter is shutting its reopened offices in United States, while other big tech companies are making vaccination mandatory for on-campus employees, as the highly infectious Delta COVID-19 variant drives a resurgence in cases. Google and Facebook said all

Facebook sets up new team to work on ‘metaverse’

LOS ANGELES: Facebook is creating a product team to work on the “metaverse,” a digital world where people can move between different devices and communicate in a virtual environment, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. The team will be part of the

Facebook refutes Biden’s claim of ‘killing people’ with vaccine misinformation

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook defended itself against US President Joe Biden’s assertion that the social media platform is “killing people” by allowing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to proliferate, saying the facts tell a different story. “The data shows that 85% of

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google claiming censorship

WASHINGTON: Former US President Donald Trump filed lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, and Google as well as their chief executives, alleging they unlawfully silence conservative viewpoints. The lawsuits, filed in US District Court in Miami, alleged the California-based social media platforms

Facebook hits $1 trillion value after judge rejects antitrust complaints

NEW YORK: A judge dismissed a blockbuster antitrust suit against Facebook filed last year by federal and state regulators, saying the lawsuit failed to “plausibly” establish that the social network had created a monopoly. Facebook shares rose more than 4%

‘Using Facebook emoji totally haram’: Bangladeshi cleric issues fatwa

A famous Bangladeshi cleric has issued a fatwa against people using Facebook’s ‘haha’ emoji. Ahmadullah has a huge online following, he has more than three million followers on Facebook and YouTube. However, earlier this week, he posted a three-minute video