Facebook to roll out podcast platform next week

Facebook has planned to roll out its podcast product next week adding a feature that will allow listeners to create clips from their favorite shows. According to an email sent to podcast page owners, hosts can link their show’s RSS

Amazon and Facebook to fall under new G7 tax rules

SAN FRANCISCO: Both Amazon and Facebook will fall under new proposals for a global minimum corporation tax agreed by the Group of Seven, United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said. Asked whether the two companies would be covered by the

Facebook bans former US president Trump for two years

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook set its ban on former US President Donald Trump for two years, saying he deserved the maximum punishment for violating platform rules over a deadly attack by his supporters on the US Capitol. The two-year ban will

US lawmakers urge Facebook to drop ‘Instagram for kids’

WASHINGTON: A group of Democratic U.S. lawmakers urged Facebook to drop plans for a version of photo-sharing app Instagram for children younger than 13, saying the social media company had failed to “make meaningful commitments to protecting kids online.” Senators

Facebook oversight board affirms Trump ban

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook’s independent oversight board has upheld a ban on former US president Donald Trump while ordering further review of the case. Trump responded with a statement slamming bans by the leading social network and other online giants as

Facebook’s Workplace tool reaches 7 million paid subscribers

SAN FRANCISCO: Social media platform Facebook said that its Workplace tool had reached 7 million paid subscribers, up more than 40% from a year earlier. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed work for millions globally who have switched from being in

Zuckerberg urged to cancel launching Instagram for kids

SAN FRANCISCO: An advocacy group called on Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to not create a version of photo-sharing app Instagram for children under 13 as it would put them at “great risk”. A letter from the Campaign for

Facebook removes 16,000 groups for trading fake reviews

LONDON: Facebook has removed 16,000 groups for selling or buying fake reviews of products and services on its platforms, after the Britain’s competition watchdog intervened for the second time. Facebook also made further changes to detect, remove and prevent paid

Facebook launches public test of live Q&A product Hotline

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook started public testing of a new application dubbed Hotline, where creators can speak and take live questions from an audience. This Q&A product combines audio with text and video elements and comes as social media platforms experiment

Facebook freezes Venezuela president’s page over COVID-19 misinformation

CARACAS: Facebook has frozen Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for violating policies against spreading misinformation about COVID-19 by promoting a remedy he claims can cure the disease. Maduro in January described Carvativir, an oral solution derived from thyme, as a

Facebook to reopen California headquarters for limited employees in May

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook announced it plans to reopen its Menlo Park, California headquarters with 10% occupancy on May 10 if the COVID-19 situation begins to improve. Major tech companies including Facebook were among the fastest to shift to work from

WhatsApp, Facebook services down for users

KARACHI: Facebook Inc’s platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram were down for thousands of users on Friday. According to outage tracking website, there were more than 1.2 million incidents of people reporting issues with Instagram, while over 23,000 users

Facebook to crack down on groups breaking rules

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has announced a new set of rules for its groups to control harmful content and is starting to remove the recommendations it gives global users for political and social issue groups. The company also announced changes aimed

Facebook to label all posts about COVID-19 vaccines

SAN FRANCISCO Facebook said it has started adding labels to posts that discuss the safety of the shots and will soon label all posts about the vaccines. The social media company has been criticized by lawmakers and researchers for allowing

Facebook restores news for Australian users after media deal

MELBOURNE: Facebook restored access to news for its Australian users after reaching an agreement with the government on a landmark law requiring it and other tech firms to pay for journalistic content. The Facebook pages of Australian news outlets were

Facebook blocks news content in Australia

SYDNEY: Australia slammed Facebook’s decision to impose a news blackout over a law that would force it to pay for content, warning the ban showed the immense power of internet giants. Facebook and other tech firms have pushed back hard

WhatsApp delays data sharing change after backlash

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp has postponed a data-sharing change as users concerned about privacy fled the Facebook-owned messaging service and flocked to rivals Telegram and Signal. The smartphone app canceled its February 8 deadline for accepting an update to its terms

We don’t share messages with Facebook: WhatsApp clarifies on privacy policy

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp has issued a new blog post clarifying its privacy policy and reiterating that it does not share private messages or sensitive location data with Facebook. WhatsApp is facing a trust-crisis after it issued an update to its

Facebook has no plans to lift Trump ban: Sandberg

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook’s operations chief Sheryl Sandberg said the world’s largest social network had no plans to lift its block on the accounts of US President Donald Trump. While speaking during a conference, Sandberg, said she was glad that Facebook

WhatsApp’s new update does not change data-sharing practices with Facebook

NEW YORK: WhatsApp has issued a statement stating that the new update does not change data-sharing practices with Facebook. According to media reports, WhatsApp has issued a statement about its new privacy policy in which it stated that WhatsApp will share account

Twitter, Facebook suspends Trump’s social media accounts

WASHINGTON: Twitter blocked Donald Trump and threatened a permanent ban for breaking platform rules as social media scrambled to respond to violence in the US capital blamed on the outgoing president’s repeated claims of election fraud. In a rapidly evolving

Russia may ban Facebook, Twitter, YouTube over ‘censoring content’

YEKATERINBURG: Russia is planning to block giant online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. First reported by Financial Express, the Russian Parliament has drafted legislation against the US tech giants. Accordingly, the regulators will block Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube if they

Facebook to test relaunched Instagram Lite in India

NEW DELHI: Facebook said it is testing a new, less data-intensive version of its photo and video sharing app Instagram in India. The app, Instagram Lite, is less than 2MB in size, which will help run smoothly on low-memory smartphones

Twitter, Facebook suspend accounts as US election misinformation spreads

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter and Facebook suspended several recently created and mostly right-leaning news accounts posting information about voting in the hotly contested US election for violating their policies. Twitter said the accounts had been suspended for violating its policy against

Facebook introduces free cloud gaming service

NEW YORK: Facebook has announced the launch of cloud gaming on its desktop website and Android app but not on iOS yet.  Facebook has become another major technology company stepping into the world of cloud gaming, but its approach is

Facebook unveils machine learning translator for 100 languages

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has unveiled software based on machine learning which the company said was the first to translate from 100 languages without relying on English. The open-source artificial intelligence software was created to help the massive social network deliver

Facebook removes up to 270 fake profiles

NEW YORK: Facebook has recently removed up to 200 accounts that used fake profiles across the US. The move was of removing 276 accounts, prompted that a pro-Trump group known as Turning Point Action was paying teenagers to post coordinated,

Facebook blocks Trump’s post claiming flu is more deadly than coronavirus

WASHINGTON: Facebook and Twitter took action on posts from US President Donald Trump for violating their rules against coronavirus misinformation by suggesting that COVID-19 was just like the flu. Facebook took the post down and Twitter added a label warning

Facebook Messenger allows users watch videos together

NEW YORK: Facebook has now made it possible to watch videos together with your loved ones on Facebook Messenger, limiting to eight users at a time. Videos on Facebook Watch can be viewed with friends and family over Messenger video

EU urges Google, Facebook to take action against fake news

NEW YORK: The European Union (EU) Commission has urged Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other tech rivals to take more effective action against fake news. The companies signed up to the code in 2018 in a bid to stave off more