Facebook unveils machine learning translator for 100 languages

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has unveiled software based on machine learning which the company said was the first to translate from 100 languages without relying on English. The open-source artificial intelligence software was created to help the massive social network deliver

Facebook removes up to 270 fake profiles

NEW YORK: Facebook has recently removed up to 200 accounts that used fake profiles across the US. The move was of removing 276 accounts, prompted that a pro-Trump group known as Turning Point Action was paying teenagers to post coordinated,

Facebook blocks Trump’s post claiming flu is more deadly than coronavirus

WASHINGTON: Facebook and Twitter took action on posts from US President Donald Trump for violating their rules against coronavirus misinformation by suggesting that COVID-19 was just like the flu. Facebook took the post down and Twitter added a label warning

Facebook Messenger allows users watch videos together

NEW YORK: Facebook has now made it possible to watch videos together with your loved ones on Facebook Messenger, limiting to eight users at a time. Videos on Facebook Watch can be viewed with friends and family over Messenger video

EU urges Google, Facebook to take action against fake news

NEW YORK: The European Union (EU) Commission has urged Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other tech rivals to take more effective action against fake news. The companies signed up to the code in 2018 in a bid to stave off more

Facebook bans Indian politician for spreading hate speech

NEW DELHI: Facebook has banned outspoken right-wing Indian politician T. Raja Singh for spreading hate speech about Muslims. A Facebook spokesman said a regional lawmaker for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party, T. Raja Singh, was blocked for violating policy

Facebook shares data on Myanmar with UN investigators

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has shared data with United Nations investigators probing international crimes in Myanmar after the lead investigator said the company was withholding evidence. Myanmar is facing charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over a

Facebook launches shopping feature similar to Instagram

NEW YORK: Facebook has launched a shop products tab similar to Instagram that will users to shop within the social media application. The feature will let the users chat with the seller via messenger and pay via a secure payment

India’s opposition seeks probe into Facebook’s treatment of Modi’s party

NEW DELHI India’s main opposition Congress party has called for a parliamentary panel to investigate favourable treatment by Facebook’s India team towards the country’s ruling party. Citing a report published a leading US daily, the party said employees of Facebook

Facebook merges Messenger with Instagram Direct

NEW YORK: Facebook is giving users the option to merge their Messenger inbox with Instagram Direct, which grants the ability to send messages across platforms. Users are seeing a pop-up when opening the Instagram app informing them about this update.

Facebook creates financial unit for digital payments

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has created a new unit devoted to financial services for payment systems on its platform. The new group, called Facebook Financial, will be headed by e-commerce veteran David Marcus, who was a president at PayPal before joining

Facebook employees to work from home until July 2021

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook will allow employees to work from home until July 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak and will provide an additional $1,000 for home office needs. The company joins other big technology firms that have taken similar steps

WhatsApp adds new features to curb spread of fake news

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has introduced few new features in its attempts to curb the spread of fake news on the platform. WhatsApp has been testing its in-app browser search for one year. The new feature enables users

Teenage boys allegedly rape kitten in Lahore

LAHORE: A 15-year-old boy, along with his six friends, allegedly gang-raped a little kitten repeatedly for more than a week. Later, the kitten died and was then thrown in the nearby dumpster. According to a post shared by a Facebook

Facebook plans to introduce dark mode for mobile

NEW YORK: NEW YORK: Facebook has planned to conduct testing dark mode for its mobile apps after successfully launching the feature on desktop. As per reports, Facebook has made the dark mode available to a very small percentage of people

Facebook will label newsworthy posts that break rules

WASHINGTON: Facebook will start labeling newsworthy content that violates policies and label all posts and ads about voting with links to authoritative information including those from politicians. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the new policy would have meant attaching a link

Pakistani man wins Facebook ‘Ethics in AI Research’ award

LONDON: A scholar Junaid Qadir from Pakistan has become the winner of the Ethics in AI Research Initiative for the Asia Pacific, an initiative to help support thoughtful and ground-breaking academic research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) ethics.

Facebook allows users to block political ads

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is allowing users to turn off all political ads in a move aimed at quelling criticism of the social network’s approach to election misinformation. The feature being rolled out in the United States and some other countries

Two robbers arrested in Lahore with help of Facebook

LAHORE: Police have reportedly captured two robbers who entered a house in Lahore with the help of Facebook. A woman named Saba, a resident who lives in the limits of Faisal Town police station in Lahore, was at the upper

Biden calls on Facebook to change political speech rules

NEW YORK: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign published an open letter to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg calling for the company to fact-check political ads in the two weeks ahead of the US presidential election in November. The letter also

Facebook buys Giphy to integrate with Instagram

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is acquiring Giphy, a popular website for making and sharing animated images, or GIFs, and will integrate it with the Instagram photo-sharing app. Facebook and Giphy declined to disclose the cost bu it has been placed at

Facebook, Google allow employees to work remotely until year end

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook and Google said it would allow its workers who are able to work remotely to do so until the end of the year as the coronavirus pandemic forces governments to extend stay-at-home orders to curb the spread

Facebook, YouTube remove viral ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy video

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook and YouTube have removed a video that made medically unsubstantiated claims relating to the coronavirus pandemic and various other conspiracy theories. The 26-minute video dubbed ‘Plandemic’ went viral this week across social media platforms. It features Judy

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms with unlimited video calls

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook introduced a video conferencing tool and expanded live-streaming features amid a surge in demand for video chats during the coronavirus pandemic. The video conferencing tool, Messenger Rooms, will enable as many as 50 people to participate in

Facebook launches first COVID-19 data maps in US

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has released its first county-by-county map of the US showing prevalence of self-reported COVID-19 symptoms, adding that such maps will soon be released for other countries globally to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. The US

Australia to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content

MELBOURNE: Australia has announced it will begin forcing Google and Facebook to pay news companies for content, in a landmark move aimed at shielding traditional media from the tech giants’ digital dominance. Australian treasurer Josh Frydenberg said a mandatory code

Tech giants threaten to suspend services in Pakistan-What’s next?

Following the decision to introduce social media regulatory laws in Pakistan by the incumbent government, a coalition comprises digital media giants including Facebook, Google and Twitter and others threatened to suspend services in Pakistan if rules were not revised. Asia

Facebook to ban misleading coronavirus ads

Facebook has said that it would ban ads that promise to cure or prevent the coronavirus outbreak and those ads that create panic or sense of urgency around coronavirus. The social-media giant in a statement said, “We are working to

Facebook makes efforts to secure website from child abuse

SAN FRANCISCO: On Thursday, over 100 child protection international organizations strongly urged Facebook to curtail plans for encryption of all its networks, to prevent child abuse on social media. Facebook is operating on extending end-to-end encryption across its messaging services including

Twitter rolls out Facebook-like reaction emojis for DMs

Twitter has rolled out a new feature where you can add emoji reactions for Direct Messages to all users across the web, which looks similar to Facebook with a few key differences. The micro-blogging website, Twitter announced how you can