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Teenage boys allegedly rape kitten in Lahore

Teenage boys’ allegedly rape little kitten in Lahore
LAHORE: A 15-year-old boy, along with his six friends, allegedly gang-raped a little kitten repeatedly for more than a week. Later, the kitten died and was then thrown in the nearby dumpster.
According to a post shared by a Facebook page, the poor little kitten was reportedly adopted by the family of the culprit where he abused it on a daily basis until she died after suffering from crushed internal organs.

The post revealed that the kitten couldn’t sit, walk, eat, or sleep due to the pain and trauma. “The culprits used shopping bags for the act which were left inside the poor cat,” the post added.
The Facebook post further informed that the vet confirmed that the cat was abused, but he refused to give it in writing to avoid involvement in the case. Upon investigation, one culprits’ mother denied the allegations and said, “My son hasn’t done this.”
The animals’ organization has strongly condemned the incident and urged the concerned authorities to take cases of animal abuse seriously. The animals’ organization have informed that they have filed complaints against all culprits and will continue pursuing this case until success.
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