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Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook

Don't believe everything you see on Facebook
CALIFORNIA: The social media and tech giant Facebook has also begun to tighten their reins against this concerted attack in this age when photo ops and visual image exploitation have gripped the internet deeply.
Facebook has given its users a firm head-up on manipulations that it says can be framed by using simple editing software that Photoshop likes or by using sophisticated tools that use artificial intelligence.

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Monika Bickert, head of Facebook’s security safety and counter-terrorism, says videos that distort reality, commonly called “deep fakes,” may still be uncommon on the internet, but they pose a major challenge to the industry.
“Our methodology has several elements, ranging from studying AI-generated content and misleading activities such as fake accounts to collaborations with academics, government and industry to exposing people behind these efforts,” she said.
Bickert has called the partnership between Facebook and global experts a key step in developing the science of distorted media identification.
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