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Twitter’s new feature allows users to avoid heated conversations

source: geo news

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter has tested a new feature that will allow users to ascertain the vibe of a conversation before joining in to avoid heated conversations.

Before joining in users can make sure if they want to get away from heated conversations with others. The social media platform had confirmed that it is testing a new prompts feature on both Android and iOS devices.

However, Twitter’s new feature does not clarify what is considered to result in a heated conversation. The new prompt feature will show warning signs below some tweets to make users cautious if they want to get into replies to that tweet.

Twitter in it official announcement said; “We’re testing prompts on Android and iOS versions that gives you a heads up if the conversation you’re about to enter could get heated or intense”.

Meanwhile, the social media app also confirmed that it will also consider the topic of the tweet made and the relation among the author and the replier too. It is not yet announced by the officials that when this prompt will get into reach of the users but is going to be a positive step for many who prefer peace of mind over others.

Twitter recently announced that it is working on bringing certain changes that would prevent tweets from disappearing while being read. The issue has been reported by many users on Twitter pertains to tweets disappearing while being read. The timeline is said to refresh itself, resulting in the disappearing tweets.

Twitter has announced that it plans to roll out updates to fix this issue over the next two months. “We know it’s a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing it,” Twitter said while commenting on the issue.

Earlier, on Monday Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagarm users have seen a global outage, unlit they were restored back there was an influx of Twitterati showing their concerns about these sites on it.