Court rules in favor of EU to fine Google for breaching antitrust regulations

The European Union’s general court has ruled that it was right to fine Google for breaching antitrust regulations. The ruling followed the European Commission and the executive of the EU which said in 2017 that, Google had favored its own

Microsoft announces to introduce new version of Windows for school going students

The American tech company Microsoft has announced to introduce a new version of Windows 11 for school-going students. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is specially designed to run on low-cost laptops. This version of Windows would run on laptops manufactured

Earth’s atmosphere poses risks to SpaceX crew returning home

CAPE CANAVERAL: High winds in Florida has been considered dangerous for SpaceX crew returning home after six months’ time. The astronaut was supposed to leave the international space station on Sunday but the earth’s atmosphere had delayed their mission back

Violence video games do not instigate kids to get violent: Study

NETHERLAND: Research has revealed that violent video games may agitate children but it does not translate them into getting violent towards others. Because of claims of mass media and the general public that linked violent video games as a reason

Young Usama Aziz develops robot with human like fingers in Multan

MULTAN: A 28-year-old young Pakistani Usama Aziz has developed a shiny humanoid in his bedroom-turned-laboratory. In the period of two years, an electrical engineering graduate of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Usama Aziz, had developed a white

Canon introduces smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish family moments

A Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses and cameras, has introduced a new smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish beautiful and valuable family moments. Canon introduces the first smart camera to transform

Apple plans to end mask requirements for customers on its retail stores

The giant tech company ‘Apple’ has reportedly planned to end its mask requirements at some of its retail stores in the United States. On Thursday, the California-based company has told its employees about the recent changes made in its standard

NASA warns climate change can impact crop production within 10 years

WASHINGTON: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed that climate change can impact crops production worldwide drastically within the period of 10 years. According to a study conducted by NASA, climate change can impact the global production of maize

Apple to bring car crash detector in iPhone products

The giant tech company, Apple has planned to bring a car crash detecting feature in its iPhone and Apple watches. According to news sources, the new feature will automatically detect if the driver has faced an accident and will call

Microsoft takes over Apple due to global supply chain problem

Microsoft has taken over Apple as the world’s most valuable company following Cupertino and Aramco. World’s famous tech company Apple’s stock market value has lowered by Microsoft in 2021. On Friday, Microsoft now sits at a market value of $2.46

NASA to measure pulse of Mars through its seismic meter

WASHINGTON: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has announced that it is going to measure the pulse of mars for the first time through its unprecedented seismic mission. For the first time in history, NASA will be able to detect

Auto generated caption feature in Zoom app is now accessible for free

The video communication app Zoom has announced good news for its users, as the platform’s auto-generated captions feature is now available to free account holders too. The auto captioned feature was available to paid Zoom users only but now the

Google lets you erase imperfections from your photos with Pixel 6

The American technology company, Google has launched its Pixel 6 smartphone with a magic eraser on it. The smartphone launched by Google has a powerful camera with a magic eraser. In a blog post, Google says, sometimes things get in

Intel CEO warns chip shortage won’t end until 2023

Intel, an American Multinational Co-operation’s CEO has revealed that the chip shortage won’t end until 2023. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced during Q3 earnings that, global chip shortage won’t end until 2023. Gelsinger stated that, “We’re in the worst of

Netflix earning results beat all expectations

The famous online streaming platform Netflix has announced its earnings results which beat all the expectations. Netflix’s global subscriber’s increase has beat analysts’ expectations. The expectation was that the subscriber’s range would go down as pandemic has affected the media

Apple invents new polishing cloth to clean devices for $19

The giant tech company Apple, have invented a branded cloth to clean its device for $19. On Monday, Apple officials have unveiled its new invention, a branded Apple cloth, which according to it can remove all the dirt from its

Russians land on earth after filming first movie in space

A Russian actress and director have landed on their scheduled time on earth after filming their first-ever movie in space. On Sunday, after spending 12 days on International Space Station (ISS), Russian actress and director landed as scheduled on Kazakhstan’s

Lunar rock samples show lava on Moon 2 billion years ago: Study

CHINA: The lunar rock samples collected in more than 40 years period in China revealed the presence of lava on Moon 2 billion years ago. During the study of China’s Chang’e-5 mission, it reveals that with the chemical analysis of

Facebook plans to connect one billion people with its new infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has unveiled its plans to connect the next one billion people to the internet with its new infrastructure and connectivity tools installation. With fast and affordable internet service, Facebook disclosed that since 2013 the company has managed

Scientists discover rain in ultra hot Jupiter

Toronto: An extremely hot planet, known to be Ultra hot Jupiter where it rains iron, discovered by scientists. Research made by an international team at Cornell University, University of Toronto and Queens University Belfast reported that, there is a place

Twitter rolls out Facebook-like reaction emojis for DMs

Twitter has rolled out a new feature where you can add emoji reactions for Direct Messages to all users across the web, which looks similar to Facebook with a few key differences. The micro-blogging website, Twitter announced how you can

Instagram starts testing Direct messaging on web

Instagram has started testing its Direct messaging feature to its desktop site, which means one can finally keep up with their conversations from browser. The company said in a statement said, “DMs, but make them desktop. We are currently testing

Hyundai partners with Uber to start developing air taxis

VERGE: Hyundai mass produces this electric vertical takeoff but it will also deploy them for Uber’s promised air taxi network. The prototype will be displayed in CE (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week. Last month, Hyundai displayed a

Instagram removes its ‘Following tab’ feature

CALIFORNIA: The social networking service Instagram has decided to remove its feature “Following tab”. sers starting in August, and Instagram confirmed to US media that the feature would be phased out this week. Instagram’s Following tab, the activity feed that

Difficult to talk about science in Pakistan: Minister Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday said that it was difficult to talk about science in Pakistan. While talking to the media on Tuesday in Islamabad, the federal minister said, “It is difficult to talk

PUBG bans players found hacking for 10 years

DUBAI: An online multiplayer battlefield game PUBG has announced a 10-year ban for players found hacking. PUBG Mobile has revealed a list of over 3,500 players that are banned from using hacks and cheats in the game. According to a

NCC decides to meet tomorrow after a gap of seven months

ISLAMABAD: After a delay of seven months, the National Curriculum Council (NCC) will tomorrow on Monday. NCC has decided to meet tomorrow on Monday with a slight change in the timeframes set for  exchanging the proposed revised curricula with the provinces for feedback and reaching an agreement on developing a ‘single domestic syllabuses.” Source said the NCC, had been asked

Commercial launch of 5G technology may take up to 5 years : PTA

ISLAMABAD: PTA member Dr. Khawar Siddiqui Khokhar has briefed the Senate Standing Committee on Information and Technology that commercial launch of 5G in the country would take four to five years. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Monday briefed the Parliamentary Panel

Top 5 jaw dropping space facts that will make you look smarter

When you look at stars, what do you wonder? does not the vastness of sky amazes you? and makes you think how come are we the alone species on this planet? Let’s discuss the 5 jaw-dropping facts about the space.

Pakistan ready to send first astronaut in space by 2022: Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said in an interview on Sunday that Pakistan is ready to send its first astronaut in space by 2022. It was during his interview with a private news channel