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Google lets you erase imperfections from your photos with Pixel 6

source: android central

The American technology company, Google has launched its Pixel 6 smartphone with a magic eraser on it.

The smartphone launched by Google has a powerful camera with a magic eraser. In a blog post, Google says, sometimes things get in the way of that perfect photo like an accidental photobomb or power line you didn’t see which can be erased now.

Though, the American technology company has built-in a chip in its newly launched smartphones which will allow you to erase unwanted things from your phone at one click. You can also brush over what you want to remove or circle it. Google is convinced this is its breakthrough moment in technology.

Moreover, some online reports of people already using the technology suggest the feature does a good job.  The magic eraser will be available on Google’s phone launch on October 28.

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