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Apple to bring car crash detector in iPhone products

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The giant tech company, Apple has planned to bring a car crash detecting feature in its iPhone and Apple watches.

According to news sources, the new feature will automatically detect if the driver has faced an accident and will call 911 automatically for help. This feature will reportedly roll out next year.

While, on the other side Google’s Pixel mobile phone has already a personal safety app on it, to detect car crashes, just like connected car services in modern vehicles do. Meanwhile, another product is on the list of Apple’s next launch which is its branded cloth to clean its devices for $19.

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The piece of polishing cloth can be used to clean all the Apple products from smartphones to its ear pods. According to information the cloth to be sold at $19 contains nonabrasive materials. Apple says the cloth is ideal for wiping down the nano-texture glass of its latest gadgets.

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However, the company released this whopping priced cloth, branded with its logo on it on its hardware event recently and some people assume that it’s not much different from an accessory that ships with the $6,000 display by Apple.