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Apple invents new polishing cloth to clean devices for $19

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The giant tech company Apple, have invented a branded cloth to clean its device for $19.

On Monday, Apple officials have unveiled its new invention, a branded Apple cloth, which according to it can remove all the dirt from its gadgets. Demand for Apple’s cleaning cloth is through the roof, that in almost 3 days the product is almost sold out yet the estimated orders placed on the website are pushed to late November 2021.

Though, the piece of polishing cloth can be used to clean all the Apple products from smartphones to its ear pods. According to information the cloth to be sold at $19 contains nonabrasive materials. Apple says the cloth is ideal for wiping down the nano-texture glass of its latest gadgets.

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Meanwhile, the company released this whopping priced cloth, branded with its logo on it on its hardware event recently and some people assume that it’s not much different from an accessory that ships with the $6,000 display by Apple.

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However, earlier apple has fired its employee for leading #AppleToo movement, an employee action against the harassment faced at the workplace. After which several former and current employers from the Apple company came forward on social media, to shed a light on facing discrimination, sexism, and racism at their workplace. Parish and some other colleagues have begun raising their voice by publishing stories on social media and a publishing platform in a weekly digest titled ‘#AppleToo.’

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