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Court rules in favor of EU to fine Google for breaching antitrust regulations

source: tech engage

The European Union’s general court has ruled that it was right to fine Google for breaching antitrust regulations.

The ruling followed the European Commission and the executive of the EU which said in 2017 that, Google had favored its own comparison shopping services. The general court later fined the giant tech company about 2.4 billion euros for breaching the antitrust regulations.

Moreover, the court in presser mentioned, “The General Court finds that, by favoring its own comparison shopping service on its general results pages through more favorable display and positioning, while relegating the results from competing for comparison services in those pages by means of ranking algorithms, Google departed from competition on the merits.”

Furthermore, the court confirmed the fine and revealed its verdict saying, “The General Court concludes its analysis by finding that the amount of the pecuniary penalty imposed on Google must be confirmed.”

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Meanwhile, the officials of the EU and Google Company are yet to give any statement on the matter. However, here it is pertinent to know that Google can decide to appeal the verdict by taking it to the European Union’s highest court.

Earlier, in 2017 the Google was accused that it had broken antitrust laws by directing users towards its own comparison of shopping ads at the expense of rival services.