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Top 5 jaw dropping space facts that will make you look smarter

When you look at stars, what do you wonder? does not the vastness of sky amazes you? and makes you think how come are we the alone species on this planet?

Let’s discuss the 5 jaw-dropping facts about the space.


 1) Space is completely silent


Sound waves need a medium to travel through. Since there is no atmosphere in the vacuum of space, the realm between stars will always be eerily silent.

That said, worlds with atmospheres and air pressure do allow sound to travel, hence why there’s plenty of noise on Earth and likely other planets as well. 

Source: NASA

2) There are infinite stars in the known universe

We have basically no idea the exact number of stars present in the Universe. However, we can estimate the number of stars in our galaxy, Milky Way. And after that, we can only best guestimate (guess estimate) the number of known galaxies and then multiply it with the stars in our galaxy.

NASA can confidently say that there are Zillions of uncountable stars. An Australian National University study put their estimate at 70 sextillions. In layman’s term, there are 70,000 million million million.

SOURCE: the University of California at Santa Barbara ScienceLine


3) The footprints of Appolo astronauts on the moon will stay there for at least 100 million years



As we discussed earlier that moon does not have an atmosphere thus, the star does not have either water or wind. This means the steps of Appolo mission, their trash, and footprints of moon-rover will stay there for a very long time.

As the atmosphere does not exist on the moon, it definitely not means the footprints will stay there forever. The star is constantly being bombarded with “micrometeorites” which means the erosion is happening at a very low pace of time.

Source: Space.com


4) One day on Venus is longer than one year on Earth

Venus has an extremely slow axis of rotation. Which means it takes 243 Earth days to complete one full cycle. Furthermore, sun only rises twice in a year. And, Venus also rotates clockwise, so the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.

Source: NASA


5) There is a possibility of a planet made out of diamonds

A research conducted by scientists from Yale University suggests that a rocky planet called 55 Cancri e, the radius of the planet is twice as of Earth and mass is eight times greater. The surface of the planet may have made up of granite and diamond. The planet is 40 light-years away but visible to our naked eyes.  

Source: The Yale University

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