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Earth’s atmosphere poses risks to SpaceX crew returning home

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CAPE CANAVERAL: High winds in Florida has been considered dangerous for SpaceX crew returning home after six months’ time.

The astronaut was supposed to leave the international space station on Sunday but the earth’s atmosphere had delayed their mission back to home.

Though, SpaceX aims to leave the space on Wednesday night. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the two parts are considered dangerous while SpaceX returns back to earth, the first one is space flight leaving Earth, the launch.

While the second most dangerous part is when a spacecraft has to decelerate and survive the fiery heat of re-entry while returning to Earth.

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Moreover, the US, French and Japanese astronauts have to rely on diapers till they return back to earth as the toilet in their capsule is broken.

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Meanwhile, the astronauts grew the first chile peppers in space “a nice moral boost,” according to McArthur astronaut on shuttle present. They got to sample their harvest in the past week, adding pieces of the green and red peppers to tacos.

Earlier, NASA had announced that it is going to measure the pulse of mars for the first time through its unprecedented seismic mission. For the first time in history, NASA will be able to detect planetary heat and seismic rumblings of Mars, through its robotic lander ‘InSight’. 


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