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Reap what you sow

During the 2013 general elections, Imran Khan’s main target was Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Apart from Nawaz Sharif, he also continued to target Maulana Fazlur Rehman as his party was seen as a more viable option than the JUI-F and

PPP losing grip in Larkana

The city of Larkana was considered the fortress for the PPP but now the stronghold has been slipping away from their hands. JUI-F’s young leader and activist Rashid Mehmood Soomro is active in their own bastion and is gradually posing

Saffron wave in Hyderabad

The saffron wave continues to spread across India. Its next target is the Muslim-majority historical city of Hyderabad where municipal elections have been held. The BJP is spreading its hate-filled Hindutva ideology and is making inroads further south in the

OIC’s support for Kashmir

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has returned from a visit to the African nation of Niger to attend the OIC Council of Foreign Minister’s meeting. After two days of deliberations, the 57-member bloc came up with a declaration calling on

Political dynasties and Student Unions

“The people of Pakistan have given their verdict and not the selected government has to resign,” said Aseefa Bhutto Zardari as she kicked off her political career at Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) Multan power show. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto didn’t

UAE visa ban

The UAE has imposed an undeclared ban on issuing visas to countries of 13 Muslim-majority countries including Pakistan. The move is reminiscent of US President Trump’s Muslim ban but has not attracted the attention it requires as it concerns a

Vaccine purchasing

The clinical trial results of several potential COVID-19 vaccines have shown promising results and are effective against the disease. This has given hope to countries around the world that it may finally be heading towards normalcy. Pharmaceutical companies including Moderna

Balochistan package

After the Karachi Transformation Plan, the government has now announced a massive Rs600 billion package for South Balochistan. This raises questions once again whether the project will ever be implemented and see the light of day or is an attempt

PM’s maiden Afghan visit

Prime Minister Imran Khan will be making his first visit to Afghanistan ever since assuming office. The expectations for the visit would be high as both countries are seeking to improve fraternal ties as Afghanistan prepares for a new future.

Pakistanis are now fed up

The people of Pakistan from businessmen, industrialists, labourers, government and private employees, farmers and students are apparently not satisfied with the performance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government. As a journalist, wherever I have visited, I haven’t heard good words about

President Biden

Democrat challenger Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of the United States of America. After an excruciating delay of over four days, the results of the last few states were announced handing Biden the eventual victory. Biden

Joe Biden and Pakistan

In 2011, during a visit to Pakistan, the then US Vice President Joe Biden dismissed the notion that the United States wanted to weaken Pakistan or lean towards India. He emphasized that the United States would not abandon Pakistan. By

Dual standards of freedom

A wise person should understand another’s feelings and respect their sentiments irrespective of their religious belief. It is unacceptable to mock religion and esteemed personalities and then take an aggressive stance on the pretext of defending freedom of speech and

Patriotism and Development

Patriotism is important for the development of a country. It is the hallmark of a developed nation that its citizens are patriotic, law-abiding citizens. They are proud of their county and try to make a better place by educating and

Who is successful?

Every human being in the world wants to be successful in any area of life but does not know how to succeed. Everyone wants success, but they do not bring such qualities that make them successful. Once a black child

I am Muslim

The Muslim world is furious and has expressed outrage over the blasphemous remarks by the French President against our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and for expressing support towards those who published offensive caricatures and displayed them. A

US-India defence ties

India has signed a military agreement with the United States for the sharing of sensitive satellite data and held dialogue aimed at countering the growing Chinese power in the region. The pact prompted quick reaction from Pakistan, warning of serious

Terrorism resurgence

There has been a sudden resurgence in terror activities for the past few days. These incidents have occurred at the same time as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is holding rallies and protests challenging the writ of the state, raising

PDM’s red line

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in Quetta seemed to have crossed several red lines. It is being accused of peddling the Indian narrative and has raised doubts whether the opposition alliance is working in the interest of the nation.

Another FATF reprieve

Despite the high expectations ahead of the plenary session, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has decided to retain Pakistan on its grey list of anti-money laundering and terror financing regimes. The decision is not entirely surprising as Pakistan has

Lost glory of Shikarpur

My hometown Shikarpur was once known as Paris of Sindh because of its commanding location and strategic importance for trade. When you go to your hometown it gives you a sense of belonging and makes you feel relaxed. It was

Nawaz Sharif’s betrayal

The biggest criticism of Pakistan Army has been done by our arch-enemy India. Now Nawaz Sharif is doing what was the main job of the Indian state apparatus. Since the past 73 years, no politician has betrayed the nation like

Showdown in Karachi

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) held its second political gathering in Karachi. This time around the harshest criticism came from Maryam Nawaz who lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan for tarnishing the image of the army to hide behind

PDM and army’s sacrifices

An unusual situation is being created in the country as the political circus is engulfed in flames. The game of thrones has begun and the nation is being pushed in the inferno. Ever since inception, Pakistan had a mischievous neighbour

Something’s fishy

“General Qamar Javed Bajwa, you packed up our government, which was working well, and put the nation and the country at the altar of your wishes.” This was stated by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif in the first

PDM’s power show

The opposition-led Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) held an impressive political rally in Gujranwala declaring war against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government and setting the tone for the agitation campaign. There can be no denying that a large number of people

In national interest

The government has stated that it acted in national interest and has withdrawn cases against Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir over attacking the Kharqamar checkpost and a military convoy in South Waziristan. An Anti-Terrorism Court

Desire for peace

Ever since the fascist Modi government came to power, relations between Indian and Pakistan have plummeted. This reached its lowest ebb with the unilateral decision revoking Kashmir’s autonomous status last year with no chances of getting normalized anytime soon. National

Lessons from motorway case

The prime suspect in the heinous gangrape incident of the Lahore motorway is now under custody after more than a month on the run. A cat and mouse hunt between him and the Punjab Police came to an end after

Food price hike

The federal government has failed to check the prices of essential commodities and its mandate is limited to merely finding the reasons for the surge in prices and urging provinces to control inflation. After witnessing a double-digit increase in prices