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Indian war crimes

Pakistan has shared with the world another dossier of Indian involvement in war crimes and genocide in occupied Jammu and Kashmir along with the gross human rights violations against Kashmiris. These are serious violations of the customary rules and treaty

Objection to EVMs

A controversy has erupted between the government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) over the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The technology has been heralded by the prime minister as the only solution to end rigging and other

Rich, poor and politics

Our society is getting increasingly polarized as the gulf widens between the rich and the poor. The elite class in Pakistan is getting richer while the common man is distressed over the rising cost of living and making ends meet.

We are fully prepared for monsoon rains this season: CBC Deputy chairman

The Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) is playing a significant role in the construction and development of Karachi. The area is home to about half a million people and CBC has been at the forefront of public service. The appointment of

A small difference

While social media has created several benefits for society and transformed our lives, it has given rise to many problems. Today a family is present at the dining table together but their attention is transfixed at their mobile phone screens.

Greater Israel near completion

When we speak about the Palestine dispute, we are often overwhelmed with the mention of Masjid Al-Aqsa. Despite the myriad of differences, all Muslims and not just Palestinians have an emotional attachment to the holy place which has been epicentre

Kashmir Premier League

Sports are important for a healthy lifestyle. It is important to engage in physical and mental exercise to remain fit and healthy. Sports is not just vital for the human mind and body but can also bring countries and cultures

Yes, I’m a rebel

When we were growing up in the ’80s, we neither had mobile phones nor cable TV and there was certainly no concept of social media in those days. When we returned home from school, we would either watch cricket or

Not Punjab’s culture

I once heard Maryam Nawaz say that when a man is frustrated, he uses a harsh tongue. She probably said this to appease her supporters. The result of her political upbringing was witnessed when one of her party MNA Shaikh

Protect your mind from negativity

Every successful person I have spoken to around the world about the recipe for success, I have never received a concrete and direct answer. It has always been an abstract one. Something of sorts where you would have to draw

Sindh Budget

Amid strong protest by the whistle-blowing members of three major opposition parties, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, who also holds the portfolio for provincial finance minister, presented a Rs1,477.9 billion tax-free budget with a development outlay of Rs329 billion.

Real budget relief

The PTI government unveiled its third budget hailed by most economic analysts as satisfactory and an overwhelmingly people-friendly budget. The government is certainly looking to provide some relief in the last years before the next general elections. The government can

People-friendly budget

A common saying goes ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Whether it’s our household expenses or the federal budget, we do not realize the importance of planning. We are tied to our archaic traditions and only lament on our

Tree plantation drive

One of the biggest success of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has been the policies concerning climate change and the environment. In this regard. Pakistan has been chosen to host the World Environment Day by UNEP on June 5 which

PM to interact with public on telephone today

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will interact with the general public via telephone through television, radio and digital media. His interaction will start at 04:00PM this afternoon. Citizens can contact the prime minister on telephone number 051-9224900. Senator Faisal Javed

Water disputes

The water shortage crisis in the country is intensifying and has reached 17% due to the dwindling water flow in rivers. There is a conflict between Punjab and Sindh over the share of water while the Sindh Assembly witnessed ruckus

Economic growth forecast

The government has forecast an ambitious target of 3.94% GDP growth rate this fiscal year maintaining that the economy has performed exceptionally well and all economic indicators have shown a positive trend amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth figures have

Severe water crisis

There is a severe water shortage that should have rung a bell among dwellers and policymakers in the country. According to Indus River System Authority (IRSA), the water shortage in the country’s two largest dams – Tarbela and Mangla –

Palestine ceasefire

After eleven days of Israeli aggression, a ceasefire has been reached to stop the blistering attacks in Palestine which have caused immense damage to civilian lives and property. The announcement of the truce between Israel and Israel was a sigh

Housing crisis and recession

The 2008 global financial crisis was a severe economic crisis worldwide. Before the current COVID-19 induced recession, it was considered the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. There were a wide range of reasons including excessive risk-taking by

Yellow cab and housing scheme

We all remember the yellow cab scheme launched by Nawaz Sharif in 1992 to provide employment. The former prime minister still boasts how he provided jobs to unemployed youth. The scheme failed badly. Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched

Imran Khan – Enigma or Charisma

What is happening to Jehangir Tareen and the way he is being hounded reminds me of my original premonition about Imran Khan which has slowly but painfully come true. But before that it is in fitness of things to recollect

Lessons from history of tomorrow

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, humans have started thinking of the future and how can we save humanity or how the life would be like in ten years. Will we have more viruses and catastrophes or will we

Story of China and its Muslims (Part 3)

The propaganda that is being peddled shows there is no greater champion of human rights in the world than the West. The reality is that China’s advancement in industry and trade has bewildered Western nations. Now the West has resorted

Tightening restrictions

The third wave of the pandemic has been tough for the country as we are recording record daily cases seen during the peak. The situation has been further worsened with the federal and provincial authorities once again failing to agree

What’s next for PDM?

After the Senate elections, pro-PML-N and anti-establishment analysts are portraying the situation as if all PDM parties, except PPP  and Maulana Fazlur Rehman including, are struggling for the people worried about inflation and against the forces pulling the reins of

Biden snubs Pakistan

US President Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders including his Russian and Chinese counterparts to a virtual climate change summit next month. However, the US president conveniently excluded Pakistan from the list of invitees, raising questions about the government’s

Corona positive PM

Imran Khan has been embroiled with several controversies since he was sworn in as the prime minister of Pakistan. The premier, who is supposed to be under quarantine after having tested positive for Covid-19, came under severe criticism for presiding

Our way of governance

The history of our homeland bears witness to the fact that no problem including political and economic crisis has ever been completely resolved. The government democratically elected by the people were overthrown by military dictators and the sacrifices of the

Backdoor peace talks

For the past few years, it seemed inconceivable that there would be peace between India and Pakistan. The two countries scaled back bilateral ties, suspended trade, recalled envoys and were involved in a dogfight that brought them on the brink