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Yellow cab and housing scheme

We all remember the yellow cab scheme launched by Nawaz Sharif in 1992 to provide employment. The former prime minister still boasts how he provided jobs to unemployed youth. The scheme failed badly. Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched

Imran Khan – Enigma or Charisma

What is happening to Jehangir Tareen and the way he is being hounded reminds me of my original premonition about Imran Khan which has slowly but painfully come true. But before that it is in fitness of things to recollect

Lessons from history of tomorrow

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, humans have started thinking of the future and how can we save humanity or how the life would be like in ten years. Will we have more viruses and catastrophes or will we

Story of China and its Muslims (Part 3)

The propaganda that is being peddled shows there is no greater champion of human rights in the world than the West. The reality is that China’s advancement in industry and trade has bewildered Western nations. Now the West has resorted

Tightening restrictions

The third wave of the pandemic has been tough for the country as we are recording record daily cases seen during the peak. The situation has been further worsened with the federal and provincial authorities once again failing to agree

What’s next for PDM?

After the Senate elections, pro-PML-N and anti-establishment analysts are portraying the situation as if all PDM parties, except PPP  and Maulana Fazlur Rehman including, are struggling for the people worried about inflation and against the forces pulling the reins of

Biden snubs Pakistan

US President Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders including his Russian and Chinese counterparts to a virtual climate change summit next month. However, the US president conveniently excluded Pakistan from the list of invitees, raising questions about the government’s

Corona positive PM

Imran Khan has been embroiled with several controversies since he was sworn in as the prime minister of Pakistan. The premier, who is supposed to be under quarantine after having tested positive for Covid-19, came under severe criticism for presiding

Our way of governance

The history of our homeland bears witness to the fact that no problem including political and economic crisis has ever been completely resolved. The government democratically elected by the people were overthrown by military dictators and the sacrifices of the

Backdoor peace talks

For the past few years, it seemed inconceivable that there would be peace between India and Pakistan. The two countries scaled back bilateral ties, suspended trade, recalled envoys and were involved in a dogfight that brought them on the brink

US-India ties under Biden

It has been two months since Joe Biden took over as US President but there has been no outreach towards Pakistan. On the other hand, Biden has already sent Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin to Indian to discuss bilateral ties, which

Electoral reforms

With the controversy regarding Senate elections firmly behind and the threat of the opposition’s protests subsided, the government seems in the mood for much-needed electoral reforms. These reforms are crucial so that future elections are without the unusual allegations which

Bilawal is an ignorant politician, Maryam is fake: Samir Mir Sheikh

Samir Mir Shaikh is a prominent political and business personality who is currently part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Apart from his political and business activities, he is actively involved in social works and serving the people. MM News TV

Ceasefire on LOC: What’s next?

Shall we really hope some miracles happen and resolves the Kashmir conflict and improves the regional peace after Pakistan-India have announced reaching an agreement to recommit themselves to the 2003 ceasefire arrangement at the Line of Control (LOC)? Shall they

Rising cost of living

An increase in electricity prices has a direct effect on the cost of living. A major chunk of our income goes to major household expenses and paying electricity bills. This rise in power tariffs also increases the cost of production

State of education

The education system in our country, particularly in the province of Sindh, lies in dire straits marred by official apathy and negligence. A recent report has revealed that only 4.5 million children are enrolled in schools across Sindh while more

Revenge of silent warriors

I started my journey from Karachi to Qila Abdullah, a small town in Balochistan with two friends in an eccentric car. As we passed the toll plaza and ordered tea, my friend showed his admiration for the car. The driver

Indian media campaigns

Psyched by TV anchor Arnab Goswami’s disclosures about Modi’s sinister designs on Pakistan, Indian media too has begun behaving like “his master’s voice”, if correctly called, and is now suffering from an Islamabad phobia and showing scant respect for journalistic

Tribute to our patriots

The more Pakistan remains a peaceful country in the region, the more terrorism is imposed on it. India is the world’s most fascist and fanatic country involved in egregious human rights violations. Yet the global community does not impose any

PDM rift continues

The rift continues with the PDM as it has still failed to come with a coherent strategy to oust the government. With the PPP backing out from mass resignations, it seems that the PML-N could also flip leaving JUI-F chief

EU safety ban – Will PIA regain its lost glory?

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar has expressed hope that the ban on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to operate flights to and from the European countries would be lifted soon. The ban on flight operations have not only tarnished Pakistani’s image

Life and destiny

I was with my friends at a hotel near Al-Asif Plaza discussing politics as usual. Some of us blamed the government for the ongoing scenario in the country, while others were critical of the opposition. It was certain that people

Cartels in industry

Pakistan has been facing an adverse economic and financial situation and is struggling to increase exports and production. But uncompetitive business practices by top organizations are one of the obstacles in economic growth and development. Recently, the Competition Commission of

It was a ‘failure’

Dec 13 came by and went. PDM was supposed to hold a jalsa, and it happened. The event was supposed to be held at 5PM but some ministers had already declared it a ‘failure’ by noon. What could be an

The day we will never forget

The darkest day in Pakistan’s history – December 16 – returns every year reminding us of the innocent children who went to school to receive an education, not realizing that their books and bodies would be drenched in blood. I

No permission, no stopping

Today is December 13. The day when after kicking Aristotle’s grave in Multan, it was announced that we will not stop the Lahore rally but will not allow it. If you think about it, this dual policy was already known

Global pandemic recovery

The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest crisis since the end of the Second World War which has caused immense human suffering and the deepest economic contraction since the Great Depression. Thus, the world particularly the rich countries need to allocate

Reap what you sow

During the 2013 general elections, Imran Khan’s main target was Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Apart from Nawaz Sharif, he also continued to target Maulana Fazlur Rehman as his party was seen as a more viable option than the JUI-F and

PPP losing grip in Larkana

The city of Larkana was considered the fortress for the PPP but now the stronghold has been slipping away from their hands. JUI-F’s young leader and activist Rashid Mehmood Soomro is active in their own bastion and is gradually posing

Saffron wave in Hyderabad

The saffron wave continues to spread across India. Its next target is the Muslim-majority historical city of Hyderabad where municipal elections have been held. The BJP is spreading its hate-filled Hindutva ideology and is making inroads further south in the