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Indian war crimes

Pakistan has shared with the world another dossier of Indian involvement in war crimes and genocide in occupied Jammu and Kashmir along with the gross human rights violations against Kashmiris. These are serious violations of the customary rules and treaty laws concerning international humanitarian law that are accepted as criminal offences and must be investigated against the Modi regime.

The document gives gruesome details of Indian atrocities since 1989 which have rendered the region as the world’s largest open prison, including war crimes, mass graves, torture, enforced disappearances, use of pellet guns, snipers, violence against women and children, and the use of cluster ammunition against civilians.  Cluster munitions are explosive weapons that pose a severe risk and are banned under international conventions, although both India and Pakistan are not yet signatories.

In November last year, Pakistan’s civil and military leaders had shared a dossier on how Indian intelligence RAW was collaborating with Afghanistan’s NDS and running training camps for terror activities against Pakistan. The new dossier now identifies the presence of ISIS training camps in India, including the ISKP faction responsible for several terror attacks including the recent bombing at the Kabul airport.

The fascist Modi regime has attempted to portray the Kashmir freedom struggle as a terrorist activity and obliterate their indigenous identity. It has imposed a debilitating lockdown since August 5, 2019, and has altered the demography by issuing 4.2 million domiciles. This has been done just to make the Kashmiris a minority and install a Hindu chief minister in the region.

It would be a travesty if the global community ignores the incriminatory proof and documentary evidence against Indian atrocities. It is now the responsibility of the UN, human rights and civil society organizations, media, and those proclaiming themselves as the defenders of human rights to fulfill their obligations to end the tyranny and oppression against Kashmiris.

The UN should record the names of individuals and units involved in war crimes and impose sanctions on them under human rights regimes. These state-sponsored war crimes call for an investigation and those responsible should be tried under the international criminal court for these grave violations.