A small difference

Albert Arooj Bhatti

While social media has created several benefits for society and transformed our lives, it has given rise to many problems. Today a family is present at the dining table together but their attention is transfixed at their mobile phone screens. They refuse to even talk to each other, know how their day went or what is happening in their lives. I’m not saying that something is good or bad but rather how we use it.

The other day a strange incident happened to me. I have a habit of looking at WhatsApp groups and other messages before going to bed after a hard day’s work. I reply to some of them but I read a message a few days ago which I couldn’t easily ignore. I don’t know who the sender was but the message struck a chord in my heart. It said a girl is severely ill and doctors have prescribed an operation for her. The operation will be free of cost but medical expenses are required for treatment.

Such messages are often seen on various social media platforms but there was also a picture of a young girl attached to the message, which reminded me of my own daughter who is suffering from an illness. I was very sad to see this girl battling a horrific disease.  I tried ignoring the message because my financial status was not such that I could help her. So I simply transferred a few rupees from my digital accounts to the sender’s account. I was not satisfied and then suddenly it occurred to me to send this message to my friends and contacts that maybe someone will help this girl.

It was a small task but I was overjoyed when in a few moments a businessman friend transferred a good amount of money to this person’s account and sent me a screenshot. That night, I was pleased to know that many others had also helped them. This may have been a small incident but it helped me to change my mind. When I saw that message, I decided to help instead of simply ignoring it. My financial situation certainly did not allow me but just a small effort can end up making a huge difference.

Another incident took place last year. The entire country was under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Children suffering from thalassemia were receiving low blood donations in hospital as donors were not available. I started campaigning with my Christian friends for charities and blood donations during the Christian fast. Many of my friends also donated blood on Holy Friday and played our part.

We use social media all day and see countless issues but for some reason, we tend to ignore them. The least we can do when we see a sick person is to say a small prayer for me.

If you see someone in financial trouble and cannot do anything yourself, then spread the message to friends that maybe someone else will help them. If you see someone being wronged, spread the message instead of rolling your eyes. It is possible that the message will reach the concerned authorities and the victim will be treated fairly. It is not necessary that we should help someone financially but we can help others with every positive step we take. The Al-Mighty always sees our intentions and good deeds which we can find even in small tasks. This is the way we can seek eternal blessings in our life.