Story of China and its Muslims (Part 3)

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

The propaganda that is being peddled shows there is no greater champion of human rights in the world than the West. The reality is that China’s advancement in industry and trade has bewildered Western nations. Now the West has resorted to “ball tampering” to escape defeat as the United States and its allies realized that global leadership may shift East.

China is also ahead with these imposed international laws of industry, trade and politics. The West formed these laws to stay ahead in the development sphere. During the Bill Clinton era, the West joined forces to push China to become part of the World Trade Organization and open up its market. All analysts believed that if China complied then it would be over and if they didn’t, it would end up isolated. But what happened? China became part of WTO in 2001, leaving behind the rest with its open market economy. The United States now cannot force China out of the WTO.

There are three things the United States and its allies uses for “ball tampering” – freedom, democracy, and human rights. These three tools are used when the United States decides to take down a country. In 2018, US President Donald Trump suddenly realized that trade agreements between the United States and China were very unfair. He thought China was taking advantage while the United States was suffering. Trump did not say how these agreements were reached. They had to blame someone for the pace of Chinese growth and the threat posed to US global monopoly. They blamed on trade deals and US unilaterally imposed tariffs on steel and other Chinese products which become so expensive that no one could import them.

Trump thought the Chinese would offer “negotiations” but China kept on progressing. The US decided to target Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Its chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada and extradited to the United States. She was accused of selling machinery to Iran by Huawei’s partner in Hong Kong in violation of US sanctions. China claims the move is aimed at pushing for new trade agreements which they refused to accept. In response, China arrested and prosecuted two Canadian nationals for espionage.

When things got out of control, rumours were spread on social media regarding Hong Kong and Xinjiang against China. This aroused curiosity and a report was aired on BBC that Muslims are being massacred in Xinjiang and that one million Muslims are being held in concentration camps using forced labour.

Canada went so far and passed a resolution condemning this fabricated “genocide”. Now, if you think about it, the USA, UK and Canada are all using the tools. This is just because they wants to renegotiate its trade agreements with China. These countries have been over-reacting in the whole affair and many bloggers and YouTubers have come out against their own countries in favor of China.

These are the salient points of the Chinese position:

  • At least a thousand camps will be needed to hold one million people in concentration camps. Where are these camps and their satellite pictures? Can a thousand concentration camps and a million people be hidden from Google Maps?
  • The population of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang has doubled in the last 40 years, more than any other ethnic group in China.
  • If there is a massacre and one million people are missing, how did the Uighur Muslim population increase by 25% between 2010 and 2018? How did the population of Xinjang which was 21 million in 2010 grow to 25 million? How did the population of Uighur Muslims, in particular, increase by 2.55 million?
  • If China’s has discriminated against Xinjiang then how has its GDP increased 200 times in the last 60 years and per capita GDP increase 40 times?
  • In 1978, the average age in Xinjiang was 30 years. As a result of improved employment, food, health and environmental standards, the average age today is 72 years. Can a discriminatory government do this?
  • If a massacre was ongoing and one million people were being held in concentration camps, the region should have been sealed. On the contrary, in 2019 there were 213 million domestic and foreign tourists visiting the region.
  • When the government was carrying out the massacre itself, then how was it possible that a deadly epidemic like coronavirus killed only three citizens of Xinjiang?

China’s stance was surprisingly not only completely blacked out in Western media, but also Western-influenced Muslim countries. It is an undeniable fact the US set up the “Perception Management Fund” to influence Asian journalism which has now reached Pakistani media. The distribution of this fund not only propagates in favour of the West but also ensures that only negative news about China and Russia are broadcast. For example, floods or snowfall in China disrupted the way of life. Have you ever seen any news of Chinese showbiz on Pakistani media? This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why is our media confined to Hollywood and Bollywood? This is due to perception management which helps the United States control “freedom of expression”. They we are given the misimpression that US is a flagbearer of freedom of speech and expression.

(To be continued)


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