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Solar storm to hit Earth’s magnetic field

There are reports that the activation of strong solar might hit Earth’s magnetic field. According to the experts of Space Weather, the sunspots contributed to a solar eruption in the Sun’s atmosphere on July 15, which will be the reason

Microsoft announces to introduce new version of Windows for school going students

The American tech company Microsoft has announced to introduce a new version of Windows 11 for school-going students. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is specially designed to run on low-cost laptops. This version of Windows would run on laptops manufactured

Earth’s atmosphere poses risks to SpaceX crew returning home

CAPE CANAVERAL: High winds in Florida has been considered dangerous for SpaceX crew returning home after six months’ time. The astronaut was supposed to leave the international space station on Sunday but the earth’s atmosphere had delayed their mission back

Violence video games do not instigate kids to get violent: Study

NETHERLAND: Research has revealed that violent video games may agitate children but it does not translate them into getting violent towards others. Because of claims of mass media and the general public that linked violent video games as a reason

Canon introduces smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish family moments

A Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses and cameras, has introduced a new smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish beautiful and valuable family moments. Canon introduces the first smart camera to transform

Apple plans to end mask requirements for customers on its retail stores

The giant tech company ‘Apple’ has reportedly planned to end its mask requirements at some of its retail stores in the United States. On Thursday, the California-based company has told its employees about the recent changes made in its standard

Apple to bring car crash detector in iPhone products

The giant tech company, Apple has planned to bring a car crash detecting feature in its iPhone and Apple watches. According to news sources, the new feature will automatically detect if the driver has faced an accident and will call

Microsoft takes over Apple due to global supply chain problem

Microsoft has taken over Apple as the world’s most valuable company following Cupertino and Aramco. World’s famous tech company Apple’s stock market value has lowered by Microsoft in 2021. On Friday, Microsoft now sits at a market value of $2.46

NASA to measure pulse of Mars through its seismic meter

WASHINGTON: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has announced that it is going to measure the pulse of mars for the first time through its unprecedented seismic mission. For the first time in history, NASA will be able to detect

Auto generated caption feature in Zoom app is now accessible for free

The video communication app Zoom has announced good news for its users, as the platform’s auto-generated captions feature is now available to free account holders too. The auto captioned feature was available to paid Zoom users only but now the

Google lets you erase imperfections from your photos with Pixel 6

The American technology company, Google has launched its Pixel 6 smartphone with a magic eraser on it. The smartphone launched by Google has a powerful camera with a magic eraser. In a blog post, Google says, sometimes things get in

Intel CEO warns chip shortage won’t end until 2023

Intel, an American Multinational Co-operation’s CEO has revealed that the chip shortage won’t end until 2023. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced during Q3 earnings that, global chip shortage won’t end until 2023. Gelsinger stated that, “We’re in the worst of

Netflix earning results beat all expectations

The famous online streaming platform Netflix has announced its earnings results which beat all the expectations. Netflix’s global subscriber’s increase has beat analysts’ expectations. The expectation was that the subscriber’s range would go down as pandemic has affected the media

Our Solar System is surrounded by ‘Magnetic Tunnel’: Study

TORONTO: New research from astronomers suggests that, our solar system is surrounded by a magnetic tunnel. A study conducted by University of Toronto astronomers suggests that our solar system is surrounded by a massive ‘Magnetic Tunnel’. Research Associate at the

Humans have been impacting environment over last 700 years: Study

New Zealand: A study conducted by a group of researchers confirms that human activities have impacted environment over the last 700 years. While analyzing ice core samples from Antarctica, a team of researchers including James Ross Island, scientists Joe McConnell

Scientists discover rain in ultra hot Jupiter

Toronto: An extremely hot planet, known to be Ultra hot Jupiter where it rains iron, discovered by scientists. Research made by an international team at Cornell University, University of Toronto and Queens University Belfast reported that, there is a place

Govt to provide free IT training for 500 youngsters in Hyderabad

A free IT training centre for 500 youngsters has been announced in Hyderabad by Federal Minister for Information Technology and Communications Syed Aminul Haq. Syed Aminul Haq inaugurated the Software Technology Park at Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science, and Technology.

Half of world’s beaches will disappear by 2100

PARIS: A group of researches warned that climate change and sea-level rise were currently on track to wipe out half the world’s sandy beaches by 2100. According to a new report published in scientific journal, ‘Nature Climate Change’, coastlines that

Instagram starts testing Direct messaging on web

Instagram has started testing its Direct messaging feature to its desktop site, which means one can finally keep up with their conversations from browser. The company said in a statement said, “DMs, but make them desktop. We are currently testing

SpaceX starts 2020 with launching more Starlink satellites

FLORIDA: Elon Musk’s SpaceX on Monday evening has launched its third batch of internet-beaming satellites, Starlink started 2020 with a success. StarLink launched its third batch launching 60 satellites from falcon heavy 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Airspace in Florida

Difficult to talk about science in Pakistan: Minister Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday said that it was difficult to talk about science in Pakistan. While talking to the media on Tuesday in Islamabad, the federal minister said, “It is difficult to talk

NCC decides to meet tomorrow after a gap of seven months

ISLAMABAD: After a delay of seven months, the National Curriculum Council (NCC) will tomorrow on Monday. NCC has decided to meet tomorrow on Monday with a slight change in the timeframes set for  exchanging the proposed revised curricula with the provinces for feedback and reaching an agreement on developing a ‘single domestic syllabuses.” Source said the NCC, had been asked

Pakistan ready to send first astronaut in space by 2022: Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said in an interview on Sunday that Pakistan is ready to send its first astronaut in space by 2022. It was during his interview with a private news channel