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Our Solar System is surrounded by ‘Magnetic Tunnel’: Study

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TORONTO: New research from astronomers suggests that, our solar system is surrounded by a magnetic tunnel.

A study conducted by University of Toronto astronomers suggests that our solar system is surrounded by a massive ‘Magnetic Tunnel’. Research Associate at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Jennifer West states that, the two bright structures that are seen on opposite sides of the sky are connected and made of rope-like filaments in reality which were previously thought to be separate.

However, “the North Polar Spur” and “the Fan Region” used to be studied differently each time, but West and her colleagues, by contrast, believe they are the first astronomers to connect them as a unit. The study further elaborates that, the structures are shaped like long ropes, made up of charged particles and a magnetic field. They are located about 350 light-years away from us and are about 1,000 light-years long.

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Moreover, the research associate West added that, “Magnetic fields don’t exist in isolation. They all must connect to each other. So, a next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field connects both to the larger-scale galactic magnetic field, and also to the smaller scale magnetic fields of our sun and Earth.”Meanwhile, West believes that its groundbreaking theory and will bring new insight to the science community.

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