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Humans have been impacting environment over last 700 years: Study

Source: The Guardian

New Zealand: A study conducted by a group of researchers confirms that human activities have impacted environment over the last 700 years.

While analyzing ice core samples from Antarctica, a team of researchers including James Ross Island, scientists Joe McConnell and various others from British Antarctic Survey has noticed something unusual and substantial increase in the levels of carbon that was began around some 1300 and is still in the process today.

Moreover, the team’s findings released this week shows the emission of black carbon traces back to a ritual of Maori land-burning practices.

In which, Maori people used to burn paths through densely vegetated terrain to clear the land for re-cultivation, which has affected harshly the atmosphere with abundance of carbon release.

Scientist McConnell says; “The idea that humans in history caused such a significant change in atmospheric black carbon through their land clearing activities is quite surprising”.

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Furthermore, he added “We used to think that if you went back a few hundred years you’d be looking at a pristine, pre-industrial world, but it’s clear from this study that humans have been impacting the environment over the Southern Ocean and the Antarctica Peninsula for at least the last 700 years.”

Though the team used the procedure of atmospheric model simulations, in which they collected ice cores from various parts in Antarctica and later analyzed it.

Which resulted in the findings that, carbon emission had been adversely affecting the atmosphere from past 700 years.

From the studies it confirms that Patagonia, Tasmania, and New Zealand were the most likely origin points of the increased black carbon emissions starting about 1300 years ago,” said one of the team member.

The findings released increases the concerns over Climate Change more, that earlier anthropogenic activities causing harm to atmosphere were inevitable because that era didn’t noticed much of a drastic change, but today the human activities can be controlled.