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Tanker mafia stealing water from Hub River

KARACHI: The water from Hub River – which is supplied to Karachi – is allegedly being stolen by the tanker mafia in connivance with officials from the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KSWB).
The water between the Hub Pumping Station and the Hub River is being extracted through generator pumps and filled into water tankers. This is affecting the water being supplied to the pumping station, while KSWB officers continue to receive hefty payments as thousands of gallons of water are being stolen.
It is also revealed that local police are receiving between Rs500-1000 per tanker to allow the practice. The officers at Hub Dam are allegedly paid Rs5000 per week for each tanker. This is creating a severe water crisis in Karachi West and Central, aggravating the hardship faced by local residents.
Area residents said they are compelled to pay between Rs3-5,000 per tanker to receive water from these tankers. They appealed to the Supreme Court and Sindh High Court to take notice and revive the Water Commission. They claimed that these corrupt officials were under control when the commission was active but have now recontinued their activities.
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