Youngster arrested for ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate released on bail

KARACHI: A youngster who was arrested for flaunting the ‘DHA Mafia Club’ number plate on his vehicle has been released. A video of the black SUV driving in DHA area went viral on social media earlier this month. Police prompted

Tackling sugar mafia

The prime minister has once again vowed that he will not spare any mafia creating an artificial shortage or price hike in the country. The situation, however, appears otherwise as the sugar barons are increasing fitting back. The government set

Is the oil price hike result of an incompetent government?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a summary of recommendations to hike up the prices of petroleum products. The news came and went into effect overnight without giving people the chance to even react and sent shockwaves through the economy.

Tanker mafia stealing water from Hub River

KARACHI: The water from Hub River – which is supplied to Karachi – is allegedly being stolen by the tanker mafia in connivance with officials from the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KSWB). The water between the Hub Pumping Station