Two arrested for smuggling gutka in Karachi from Balochistan

KARACHI: Two people have been arrested for smuggling gutka, manipuri, and other harmful substances in Karachi from Balochistan. The products are being brought from Hub in Balochistan amid a strict ban on the manufacture and sale of hazardous products in

Tanker mafia stealing water from Hub River

KARACHI: The water from Hub River – which is supplied to Karachi – is allegedly being stolen by the tanker mafia in connivance with officials from the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KSWB). The water between the Hub Pumping Station

Sahibzada Sultan wins 7th edition of Hub Rally

KARACHI (Nigah Muhammad): Sahibzada Sultan Ali has won the seventh edition of the Hub Rally and Tushna Patel was victorious among the women, happened in Hub District on Sunday. The 20-kilometer track of the Max dirt arena witnessed exciting and

PM to inaugurate Power Station in Hub today

LASBELA: Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to inaugurate 1,320MW Hub Power Station today in Balochistan’s city. After inaugurating Hub Power Station which is located in the city Hub, the prime minister will visit Karachi. The Pakistani principal of the