‘Friends’ stars finally reunite in Emmys Awards

LOS ANGELES: The stars of the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ have finally reunited during the Emmys Awards. During Sunday night’s 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel checked in on Jennifer Aniston, a nominee for lead actress in a drama series

Brad Pitt admits he was nervous to guest star in ‘Friends’

NEW YORK: Hollywood star Brad Pitt has admitted that he was nervous to guest star alongside his then-wife Jennifer Aniston on the famous US sitcom ‘Friends’. The actor who is a pro at reciting lines and delivering a glowing performance

Friends co-stars reunite to urge public cast votes

NEW YORK: United States famous sitcom ‘Friends’ lead stars have reunited to urge US citizens into exercising their democratic right. Friends former co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox got together once again in front of the camera and

David Schwimmer speaks out about lack of diversity on ‘Friends’

LOS ANGELES: US famous sitcom ‘Friends’ actor David Schwimmer has confessed that the sitcom could have done more in terms of representation. During an interview, David Schwimmer who plays Ross Gellar on the show confessed that the lack of people

Paul Rudd admits he felt like a ‘prop’ in Friends

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood actor Paul Rudd who played the role of Pheobe’s husband in the famous sitcom ‘Friends’ has called himself a prop in the play. Paul Rudd who played a small yet significant role of Mike Hannigan in the

Matthew Perry praises David Beckham for wearing ‘Friends’ t-shirt

LOS ANGELES: American-Canadian actor and comedian Matthew Perry has praised former football star David Beckham as he wore a t-shirt with a scene from the US sitcom ‘Friends’. Perry noticed Beckham’s t-shirt and praised him for his choice of outfit.

Matthew Perry thanks fans for still watching ‘Friends’

MALIBU: American-Canadian actor and comedian Matthew Perry has thanked his fans for still watching the popular sitcom series ‘Friends’. While posting a picture of Friend’s poster on a billboard, Perry, who played ‘Chandler Bing’ in the show wrote, “The show

Lisa Kudrow promises Friends’ special episode will be worth the wait

NEW YORK: United States famous sitcom ‘Friends’ actress Lisa Kudrow has assured that series’ special reunion episode will be worth the wait. While talking about the reunion, the actress who essayed the role of Phoebe Buffay on the show said

‘Friends’ creator regrets not promoting diversity on sitcom

LOS ANGELES: The famous sitcom series ‘Friends’ creator Marta Kauffman has wished that she would have done more to promote diversity during her career in television. The statement of the producer came after the streets protest against racial injustices in

Lisa Kudrow displeased for not hugging mourners at mother’s funeral

NEW YORK: Hollywood actress Lisa Kudrow expressed how displeased she felt at her mother’s funeral for not hugging her loved ones due to the spread of the coronavirus. The global population has been forced to adopt the practice of social

‘Friends’ actress rewatching sitcom during self-quarantine

LAS VEGAS: Actress Courteney Cox had said she is revisiting her iconic sitcom series Friends and watching re-runs during her self-quarantine period. The 55-year-old actor, who played Monica across the hit sitcom’s 10 season run, told late-night show host Jimmy

Friends reunion special delayed amid coronavirus outbreak

LOS ANGELES: The much-awaited reunion special of the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ has been postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Hollywood Reporter said that the unscripted episode, set at HBO Max, was set to be shot next week

Friends: Rachel, Monica and Phoebe reunite for girls’ night

NEW YORK: Actress Jennifer Aniston has recently united with her Friend’s co-stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow who played Monica and Pheobe respectively in the famous sitcom. “Hi from the girls across the hall,” Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to

Theme song-writer of “Friends” dies at 72 in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES: The composer of the theme song of the famous television show “Friends,” Allee Willis, has passed away at age 72  after going into cardiac arrest. Allee Willis was also a visual and social artist, painter, director, collector of odd artifacts and

The one with 10 best episodes of Friends you must watch

CALIFORNIA: The famous sitcom series ‘Friends’ will leave Netflix from January 2020. The series aired in 1994 and ruled the Television and its fans’ heart for 10 years. Throughout 10 seasons, audiences experienced the love, heartache, and hilarity of the

The one where cast of “Friends” re-unites

CALIFORNIA: The six cast members of the famous sitcom series ‘Friends’ have been working together on a project which will broadcast at HBO Max. Discussions are currently underway for an unscripted reunion special that would feature Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox,

Jennifer Aniston hints ‘Friends’ cast working on new project

KARACHI: Jennifer Aniston said that the ‘Friends’ cast is working on a project together. Sources said that the actress revealed the news while speaking on a local TV show. She said that “something is happening. But we don’t know what

Fame was followed by isolation, says Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston undoubtedly made an indelible mark in Hollywood with her role in the sitcom Friends. After the show wrapped up, the 50-year-old actor faced an “isolation” she did not see coming. Giving an interview to Entertainment Weekly, the Murder Mystery actor said:

Jennifer Aniston recreates ‘Friends’ scene with co-star

NEW YORK: Actress Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon re-created a scene from their US popular sitcom “Friends”. Both actresses were part of the series “Friends” as biological sisters Racheal played by Jennifer Aniston and Jill Green played by Reese Witherspoon.

The one where Joey, Rachel & Monica reunite

NEW YORK: Lead stars of Friends Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and Courtney Cox have recently reunited and shared a picture of their reunion.   View this post on Instagram   A rare night and I love it. A post shared