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James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on ‘Friends’ dies at 59

US actor James Michael Tyler, who was famous for his role as Gunther in the TV sitcom Friends has died at the age of 59. A statement from his manager said, “Tyler passed away peacefully at his home in Los

‘Friends: The Reunion’ scores four Emmy nominations

‘Friends: The Reunion’ has scored four Emmy nominations, including for outstanding variety special. The latter category means Cox finally joins her five fellow co-stars with recognition for the former NBC comedy. Cox was the only one of the six central Friends stars

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe celebrate US Independence Day together

Famous US sitcom ‘Friends’ costars reunited once again to US Independence Day together. Host Courteney, who played Monica Geller in Friends celebrated US Independence Day with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow portrayed Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay.   View this

Jennifer Aniston turned down SNL audition because it was a ‘Boys Club’

Actress Jennifer Aniston has recently spilled the beans on many things relate to her personal life that how she is in a better place and why she  always saw SNL as ‘a boys club’. Jennifer Aniston in an interview talked

The one where James Corden nearly killed the cast of ‘Friends’

It was last month when six friends reunited after 17 years for a reunion special and they never none other than the cast of ‘Friends’.  An 11-minute segment was hosted by James Corden, popularly known for his “The Late Late

‘Friends’ series viewership plummets in Hungary after its anti-LGBT law

BUDAPEST (Reuters): The viewership of popular masterpieces like the Friends series, Harry Potter movies has plummeted after Hungary’s anti-LGBT law. The largest broadcasters in Hungary criticised a new law banning the “display and promotion of homosexuality” among under-18s as a

Lisa Kudrow highlights emotional Friends reunion moments

‘Friends: The Reunion’ cast became a hot topic on social media after all the six cast members of Friends reunited for the show’s platform HBO Max. Lisa Kudrow, who played Pheobe in the show, shared told Reuters via Zoom she

Here’s how much ‘Friends’ stars were paid for the reunion?

Famous US sitcom Friends cast recently reunited after 17 years in HBO’s The ‘Friends: The Reunion’. There have been reports that each cast member was offered a whopping $1million for the HBO Max special but they all turned it down

Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran recreate classic ‘Friends’ routine dance

Actress Courteney Cox, famously known as Monica Geller, and popular singer Ed Sheeran have recently recreated routine dancing from the popular US sitcom Friends. Courteney Cox took to Instagram and shared the video in which she and Sheeran are redoing

Friends director Kevin Bright has ‘no regrets’ about show’s all-white cast

The makers of the iconic nineties sitcom Friends have onc again talked about lack of diversity with its all-white cast. Addressing the concerns, executive producer and director of the hit comedy series, Kevin Bright shared that he has no regrets.

Jennifer Aniston shares ‘Like, way, way back’ flashback to celebrate ‘Friends: The reunion’

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has recently shared an interview she did before the ‘Friends’ show premiered in 1994 to celebrate the premiere of the ‘Friends: The reunion’. Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram and wrote a caption while sharing the video,

The one where they get back together: ‘Friends: The Reunion’ trends on social media

Since the ‘Friends: The Reunion’ special episode is out, it has been trending on social media and fans cannot be happier than seeing the original cast together after 17 years since the show ended. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow,

‘Friends: The Reunion’: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admit having mutual crush

The most iconic on-again-off-again couple Ross and Rachel from ‘Friends’ have finally revealed that they had feelings for each other during the show that aired from 1994 to 2004. Iconic characters ‘Ross’ and ‘Rachel’ played by Jennifer Aniston and David

Where to watch much anticipated ‘Friends: The Reunion’ online?

Streaming on 27th May on HBO Max, the entire cast of much-anticipated comedy ‘Friends’ will finally reunite for a one-time special to celebrate the legacy of the series. Named as ‘Friends: The Reunion’ will bring together original stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney

Matthew Perry’s recent appearance in Friends reunion’s promo concerns fans

Hollywood star Matthew Perry’s recent appearance in the promo of Friends reunion special has left fans worried for his health. Matthew Perry’s appearance in the show’s reunion promo where his apparently slurred speech and slower speaking style was visibly seen. The

Paul Rudd’s absence from ‘Friends’ reunion line-up angers fans

Fans have expressed disappointment after HBO announced a whole host of celebrities, who will be joining the ‘Friends’ cast for the much-anticipated reunion episode, did not list one of their favourite cast members. While former castmates including Tom Selleck (Richard), Reese

‘Friends’ reunion special to finally release on May 27

The first teaser for the ‘Friends’ reunion special is out starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer The teaser, which features an acoustic version of the theme tune and the cast walking into

It was unbelievable and so emotional: Courteney Cox on Friends reunion

Actress Courteney Cox has disclosed an interesting revelation about the much-awaited US famous series ‘Friends’ reunion on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Courteney Cox, who played the role of Monica Geller, during the show, the host asked Cox about the upcoming

Courteney Cox proves she’s a real-life ‘Monica Geller’

Hollywood actress Courteney Cox has just proved that she is a real-life Monica Geller, a character in the famous US sitcom ‘Friends’. Similar to her show’s character ‘Monica’ was obsessed with cleanliness and organisation, Cox shared a video on her

‘Friends’ wraps up shooting reunion special episode

The shooting of the much-awaited ‘Friends’ reunion episode has finally been completed. After multiple delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, has finally finished shooting. The episode features the entirety of the original cast Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Mathew Perry, Jennifer

Matthew Perry’s deleted BTS snap from ‘Friends’ reunion set surfaces online

A picture from the set of Friends was taken and shared on social media platforms, the shared photos of the set showed the iconic Central Perk couch in front of the fountain from the theme song. Moreover, Matthew Perry, who essayed

Friends reunion shoot to begin next week

The shoot of the much-awaited US famous series ‘Friends’ reunion episode will finally take place next week. The news was revealed by Friends actor David Schwimmer, who essayed the role of Ross in ‘Friends’ on The Graham Norton Show. When

Friends’ reunion finally happening: David Schwimmer

The much-awaited US famous series ‘Friends’ reunion is finally happening and will soon hit the screens as confirmed by Dr. Ross Geller himself. Actor David Schwimmer, ironically known for essaying the role of Ross Geller in ‘Friends’ recently confirmed that

Friends’ actor Matthew Perry is now engaged

LOS ANGELES: American-Canadian actor and comedian Matthew Perry who essays the role of Chandler Bing from US sitcom ‘Friends’ is engaged now. The 51-year-old actor is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend Molly Hurwitz. The actor was quoted sayi9ng to

‘Friends’ all set for a reunion in 2021

NEW YORK: The United States famous sitcom ‘Friends’ is all set for a reunion next year. Friends star Matthew Perry, who essayed the role of Chandler Bing in the show, confirmed the update about the reunion on HBO Max. On

Man sells wife to friends for Rs5000, woman raped for 21 days

SARGODHA: In a shocking incident, a man allegedly sold his wife for sexual services to his friends for Rs5,000 who gang-raped her for 21 days. The woman approached the court after police refused to lodge a case. The court has

‘Friends’ stars finally reunite in Emmys Awards

LOS ANGELES: The stars of the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ have finally reunited during the Emmys Awards. During Sunday night’s 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel checked in on Jennifer Aniston, a nominee for lead actress in a drama series

Brad Pitt admits he was nervous to guest star in ‘Friends’

NEW YORK: Hollywood star Brad Pitt has admitted that he was nervous to guest star alongside his then-wife Jennifer Aniston on the famous US sitcom ‘Friends’. The actor who is a pro at reciting lines and delivering a glowing performance

Friends co-stars reunite to urge public cast votes

NEW YORK: United States famous sitcom ‘Friends’ lead stars have reunited to urge US citizens into exercising their democratic right. Friends former co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox got together once again in front of the camera and

David Schwimmer speaks out about lack of diversity on ‘Friends’

LOS ANGELES: US famous sitcom ‘Friends’ actor David Schwimmer has confessed that the sitcom could have done more in terms of representation. During an interview, David Schwimmer who plays Ross Gellar on the show confessed that the lack of people