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Indian man falls ill as he receives Rs 3,419 crore electricity bill

In India, a citizen rushed to the hospital in shock after seeing an electricity bill of crores of rupees. According to the details, the authorities in India sent a bill, not thousands, not millions but more than 3 crore Indian

NEPRA increases K-Electric tariff by Rs.3.75 per unit

KARACHI: Electricity has been increased to Rs 3.75 per unit for Sindh capital consumers using electricity, for which a formal notification has also been issued. According to details, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has issued a notification to

Power outages reported in various parts of Karachi

KARACHI: Several parts of Karachi reported massive electricity outages on Saturday as the power utility rushed to address the crisis. The power supply to 25 grid stations has been suspended after a high-tension electricity supply line tripped  The areas that

Rising cost of living

An increase in electricity prices has a direct effect on the cost of living. A major chunk of our income goes to major household expenses and paying electricity bills. This rise in power tariffs also increases the cost of production

Karachi students develop machine to generate cheap electricity

A group of students from Karachi have developed a machine to generate cheap electricity from flowing water which can help solve the power crisis in the country. The students of Usman Institute of Technology, after months of hard work have

Power relief

Prime Minister Imran Khan has provided a huge relief for industries by announcing a reduction in power tariffs and other incentives. Businessmen have welcomed the decision and the stock exchange propped up as the premier announced the news. The relief

NKATI lauds PM’s decision for relief in electricity tariff for industries

KARACHI: President North Karachi Association of Trade and Industry (NKATI) has lauded the reduction in electricity tariff for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and industries, saying that the decision would reduce production cost. In a statement, NKATI president said it

GENCO Holdings fails to generate power in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The government has issued a contract to GENCO Holding Company Limited for power generation in Islamabad but the results have been seen and people are still facing massive power outages. The company is producing 4000 MW electricity against the

CJP assails K-Electric over power crisis in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed has remarked that the government has no capacity. During the self-hearing against unannounced load shedding in Sindh in the Supreme Court, the CJ said that we have read all the reports and there

Electricity crisis continues in Karachi as KE shuts down 3 power plants

KARACHI: The power crisis in Karachi continues for the third week and K-Electric has shut down three power plants due to a shortage of gas. There is a gap of 500 MW between the demand and supply of electricity in

Karachi’s power crisis

There is no respite from unannounced and prolonged loadshedding in Karachi and citizens seem to be losing patience. This has reached the top corridors of power who have vowed to resolve the matter. Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice

Industry leaders protest provision of gas share to K-Electric

KARACHI: President of SITE Association of Industry Suleman Chawla has protested over the decision of the federal government to provide gas share of general industries to K-Electric and demanded to immediately withdraw this decision. In a statement, he appealed to

Govt urges IMF to ease condition of increasing electricity tariffs

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has insisted on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to relieve the condition of an urgent rise in energy prices due to inflation already double-digit and adverse political conditions. An ever-expanding circular debt remains another vulnerable area in the

Govt plans to generate 8000MW renewable emergy by 2025

ISLAMABAD: The government has planned to generate 8000 megawatts of electricity through renewable energy by 2025. Replying to a question in the National Assembly, Minister for Power Division Omer Ayub Khan said that eleven wind energy-based projects have been approved

Power tariff likely to be increased by Rs2.97PU

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is likely to approve a hike in electricity prices by Rs2.97 per paisas per unit. According to sources, the increase in electricity prices will be due to September’s fuel adjustment. According to the

IMF team to soon visit Pakistan: Gerry Rice

WASHINGTON: Director Communication of International Monetary Fund  (IMF) Gerry Rice said that its team led by Jahad Azwar would visit Pakistan soon. In a press briefing in Washington, Gerry Rice said that the IMF team led by Jahad Azwar would

Pakistan to challenge fines imposed in Riko Diq and Karke cases

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan would challenge the heavy fines imposed by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Reko Diq and Karke cases, said Minister of Power Umar Ayub. While addressing a press conference, Umar Ayub said that in