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CJP assails K-Electric over power crisis in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed has remarked that the government has no capacity.

During the self-hearing against unannounced load shedding in Sindh in the Supreme Court, the CJ said that we have read all the reports and there is nothing in them. There is a problem with electricity in Karachi, he said.

Neither the federal government nor the provincial government is doing anything. The federation is not fulfilling its responsibility. Justice Faisal Arab said that Karachi became extended but power generation has not been increased.

The Chief Justice said that all the institutions were benefiting from the weakness of the government. The administration is being exploited from all sides, he added.

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The judge said that all the employees of the NEPRA and Power Division are dismissed. There is no point in having such employees, he said. He said there was a serious lack of capacity in government institutions. He hired people from K-electric and became a master.

The lawyer told the court that the government had increased the price of electricity across the country.

The Chief Justice asked who controls K-electric and how many shareholders? If detected, K-electric would be controlled from Bombay. “We have doubts about K-electric’s investors,” he said. 

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