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Indian man falls ill as he receives Rs 3,419 crore electricity bill

India: Resident of Gwalior, got shocked when he received an electricity bill

In India, a citizen rushed to the hospital in shock after seeing an electricity bill of crores of rupees.

According to the details, the authorities in India sent a bill, not thousands, not millions but more than 3 crore Indian rupees to the citizen.

According to media reports, this incident came to light in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where Sanjeev’s father, a resident of Gwalior, got shocked when he received an electricity bill of more than 3 crore Indian rupees.

Sanjeev says my father fell ill after seeing the electricity bill received on 20th July and had to be taken to hospital.

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According to reports, on receiving such a high bill, Sanjeev went to the authorities and lodged his complaint, after which the Madhya Pradesh government-run power company termed it a human error and later issued a correct bill of Rs 1,300.

Power company officials said that our employee had entered the customer’s registered number instead of the units used in the software, resulting in a  higher bill.

According to Indian media, Energy Minister Pardeoman Singh says that the mistake has been rectified while the action is being taken against the concerned employee.

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