BAP’s Nusrat Shaheen elected senator unopposed

QUETTA: Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) candidate Nusrat Shaheen has been elected unopposed a member of the Senate in the by-election on a vacant seat of the upper house of parliament from Balochistan. The seat had fallen vacant after the death

US Supreme Court dismisses Texas suit challenging election result

WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court has dismissed a bid by Texas to overturn the results of the presidential election, which Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden, in a fresh setback for the president. The longshot suit lodged late Tuesday against

Trump agrees to leave office if Biden victory confirmed

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said that he would leave the White House if Joe Biden is officially confirmed the winner of the US election, making a further concession of defeat even as he railed against the “rigged” vote. Trump has

Biden solidifies presidential election win over Trump

WASHINGTON: United States President-elect Joe Biden solidified his election victory by winning the state of Georgia, while President Donald Trump said “time will tell” if another administration takes over soon. Joe Biden has won 306 votes in the state-by-state Electoral

Aung San Suu Kyi’s party wins Myanmar election

YANGON: The ruling party of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has won enough parliamentary seats to form the next government. According to official general election results released on Friday, Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) had secured the

Biden’s lead widens in US election, no victory call so far

WILMINGTON: Democrat Joe Biden moved closer to winning the White House as he expanded his lead over President Donald Trump in battleground states, but television networks held off from declaring him the victor as officials continued to count votes. Trump

Biden closer to victory as Trump claims election being stolen

WASHINGTON: The nail-biting US election was on the very of finally producing a winner with Democrat Joe Biden declaring “no doubt” that he would beat President Donald Trump. Two days after the most tense election in decades, the meticulous vote-counting

Trump falsely claims victory as Biden remains confident

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory over Democratic rival Joe Biden on Wednesday with millions of votes still uncounted in a White House race that will not be decided until a handful of states complete vote-counting over the next

Twitter, Facebook suspend accounts as US election misinformation spreads

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter and Facebook suspended several recently created and mostly right-leaning news accounts posting information about voting in the hotly contested US election for violating their policies. Twitter said the accounts had been suspended for violating its policy against

Election Day: Trump leads Biden in Florida, race close in other states

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump was leading Democratic rival Joe Biden in the vital battleground state of Florida, while other competitive swing states that will help decide the election, including North Carolina, remained up for grabs. The two contenders split the

Trump vs. Biden

Americans have headed to the polls to pick their next president – incumbent Donald Trump or his Democrat challenger Joe Biden. The US presidential elections are seen with keen enthusiasm as it has a profound impact around the world. Near

Trump, Biden rally on final day of election race

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump rallied late Monday in a final hour bid to prove the polls wrong and retain the White House, while his challenger Joe Biden predicted victory and told America to “take back” democracy. On the eve of

Trump, Biden clash over pandemic in final presidential debate

NASHVILLE: United States President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden offered sharply contrasting views on the coronavirus pandemic at the final presidential debate, just twelve days before the November 3 election. Trump adopted a more restrained tone than the

Obama slams Trump’s handling of coronavirus crisis

PHILADELPHIA: Former United States President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail with a blistering attack on Donald Trump with less than two weeks to go before the face-off with Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Speaking at a drive-in rally in

Dwayne Johnson endorses Joe Biden for 2020 election

LOS ANGELES: Dwayne Johnson makes his first public political endorsement in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the roads to the 2020 presidential election continue to heat up. Long rumored to be a republican, Johnson took to social

Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa brothers secure landslide election win

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s ruling Rajapaksa brothers have secured a two-thirds majority in parliamentary elections, giving them sweeping powers to change the constitution. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Sri Lanka Podujana Party (SLPP) won 145 seats and has the support of at

US offers $10 million reward to prevent election interference

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered a $10 million reward aimed at preventing foreign interference in the November election. The reward marks one of the most public signs that members of President Donald Trump’s administration are taking election

Trump floats delaying presidential election

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump raised the idea of delaying the United States presidential elections scheduled to be held on 3rd November later this year. The idea was immediately rejected by both Democrats and his fellow Republicans in Congress – the

Sanders ends presidential bid, leaving Biden as Democrat nominee

WASHINGTON: US Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, clearing the way for rival Joe Biden to secure the Democratic nomination and challenge Donald Trump in November. The 78-year-old democratic socialist shook up the 2020 race with his

Sri Lanka puts off election indefinitely due to coronavirus

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has indefinitely postponed general elections scheduled at the end of next month due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. “Even if the WHO says Sri Lanka is free of this virus tomorrow, we will not be

Violent protests could boost Modi’s election test in New Delhi: report

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) are facing their first political check this week since violent anti-government demonstrations exploded nearly two months ago, with the contentious unrest likely to win them votes at

Bernie Sanders releases election campaign poster in Urdu

WASHINGTON: US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received lots of social media attention from users around the world after sharing a campaign message in the Urdu language on his official Facebook page. The post is expected to gain support from the

Afghan election results

The long-delayed results of the Afghan presidential elections have been released. President Ashraf Ghani has secured a second five year term. There has been a mixed reaction as ordinary Afghans would now seek an end to the conflict that has been

UN envoy asks to accept Afghan presidential election results

NEW YORK: The top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan has called on Afghan presidential candidates to accept the results of the September 28 election if the war-torn country is to move forward along a path to sustainable peace. “Whatever the

Divisive Sri Lankan elections 

Sri Lanka has a new president. Retired military general Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been sworn in after a landslide victory in a closely-fought election in the island nation. The election split the nation on religious and ethnic lines as never before,

PPP’s Salahuddin Jilani wins Dadu’s PS-86 by-election

DADU: Pakistan Peoples Party ((PPP)’s candidate Salahuddin Jilani has won the by-election held for the Sindh Assembly’s PS-86 constituency. Candidate Salahuddin Jilani beat Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Imdad Leghari in the elections held in Dadu. He secured 42254 votes while Leghari

Cyclist who flipped off US president wins local election

WASHINGTON: A cyclist who was fired after flipping the bird — making a rude single-fingered gesture — to US President Donald Trump’s motorcade has been elected to local office in Virginia. Juli Briskman, whose one-handed salute was captured in an

British PM Johnson ‘sorry’ for Brexit delay

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday apologised for not taking Britain out of the European Union by October 31, while Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage said he will not stand in next month’s general election. “It is a matter

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will not run in UK election

LONDON: Nigel Farage, the leader of Brexit Party, said he would not stand in next month’s election, choosing instead to campaign countywide against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s EU divorce deal. “I have thought very hard about this: How do I

Brexit in limbo as British PM pushes for election

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday told opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to “man up” and accept a snap election as EU members delayed a decision on how long to postpone next week’s Brexit deadline. Britain is currently scheduled