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Bernie Sanders releases election campaign poster in Urdu

Bernie Sanders
WASHINGTON: US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received lots of social media attention from users around the world after sharing a campaign message in the Urdu language on his official Facebook page.
The post is expected to gain support from the Urdu-speaking community in the United States. It conveys that the Sanders Medicare for all program includes oral care, eye-related issues, as well as a number of other hearing-related issues.

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The message earned a lot of feedback from users on the social networking site and was shared hundreds of times within hours of being posted online by more than a thousand users, more than two hundred people commented on the post as well.

Publiée par Bernie Sanders sur Mercredi 5 février 2020


In the past, Sanders has made efforts to reach out to the US demographic in Pakistan. He issued a highly-worded statement back in September condemning the actions of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and insisting that Delhi should lift the curfew imposed in the region.
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