Pakistan decides to close down Afghan border for two days

ISLAMABAD: The administration has issued a notification that Pak-Afghan border crossing will remain closed from Friday till Sunday.

Pakistan has decided to close down all the passageways and cargo terminals for two days starting from tomorrow, Friday, the passageway will allow the movement of patients requiring emergency treatment.

Foreign Office of Pakistan, in a statement on Thursday, said that these steps have been taken in account of upcoming Presidential elections and in support of domestic transition in Afghanistan.

The statement said that it has been decided to enhance strict security check of all pedestrian and trading vehicles till Sunday.

The recent attacks on the rally of Afghan President in Kabul have jolted the democratic process. The Afghan militants had accepted the responsibility of the attacks and have warned people not to be a part of the democratic process.

It was in the light of recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, which led to the suspension of US-Taliban deal after Donald Trump abandoned talks with the Taliban due to the deaths of American soldiers in the Kabul bombing.

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