Sugar thieves and honest men

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

They withdrew their support and you can see the results. Everything is clearly exposed. For the past few months, some so-called political analysts have been proclaiming that the PDM meeting in Lahore failed and hence the PDM should also be considered a failure. The question arises that if the PDM meeting in Lahore was a failure and as a result, the entire alliance should be considered a failure, then why the repeated announcements that we have nothing to do with politics?

They have certainly distanced themselves and the results were seen in the by-elections. Isn’t it surprising that the PDM failed and then the PTI was deflated? This shocking defeat of PTI is certainly a victory for someone. If not the PDM, then whose success is this? After all, who with his aggressive political strategy made an encouraging start to end interference in politics? Whose success is it that the worst rigging in Sialkot by-election has been exposed by the media? How did the ECP get the confidence that the foreign funding case has been making progress for years and now the commission said the Chief Secretary and IGP Punjab were not available and election staff was abducted.

Would it have happened if the PDM had failed? Would this have been the result of the by-election? Would the Chief Election Commissioner have withstood the pressure of the Supreme Court and maintained that he would not go beyond the domain of the constitution in the Senate elections? The pundits claimed the PDM had decided to resign from Parliament and are contesting Senate election so it should also be seen as a major failure. Their reasoning is rather absurd and the consequences of this ‘failure’ were visible on the face of the prime minister. If the decision to contest the Senate election was a failure of the PDM, then why did it expose the fault lines of the ruling party?

The emergence of Yousuf Raza Gilani as a candidate from Islamabad is such a tacit move by the PDM that his victory or defeat will decide whether the prime minister will stay or depart. Are such strategies made by failures?

Informed sources in Islamabad revealed the prime minister has ordered two intelligence agencies to find out whether there is only the PDM behind Yousuf Raza Gilani or someone else. Who does the prime minister suspect?  Does he now doubt his ‘umpire’? Will the PDM which aims to remove the empire from the political arena want interference in their favour? One who thinks so is either naïve or was born as a test tube baby in a sacred maternity home.

Let’s assume that PDM has failed but this has so far achieved two major successes. One is that those who were recently ousted from politics saying that their fight is not with Imran Khan but with those who brought him are not only declaring their disengagement from politics at the moment. Another is clearly visible as the failure of the PTI in the by-elections is a victory for PDM. Now the PDM is facing its third major victory by a possible victory in Senate elections. Whether it succeeds or fails will be known after the election result. But the ‘failed’ PDM has pushed the self-styled honest prime minister to the extent that he has sided with the country’s largest sugar baron to salvage his power.

The sugar thief has been targeted to distribute ‘sugar’ to PDM members in National Assembly but also PTI lawmakers to ensure their loyalty to the ‘honest and trustworthy’ prime minister. Isn’t that an interesting situation? The most honest and trustworthy party the PTI has felt the need to distribute ‘sugar’ among the thieves of the PDM and even their own party members. These ‘thieves’ should be praised as they fail to receive any bids in the biggest political auction. No one can buy them. But what can be said about them that their own party is being forced to buy their own members? Fifty crore rupees of funds have also been announced for them. But what if their ‘sugar’ goes out of hand there is no success.