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Suspect who shot blaphemy accused appears in Peshawar court

ISLAMABAD: The suspect who has shot dead a blasphemy accused in a Peshawar courtroom was on Sunday presented in a local court.
Faisal Khalid appeared in front of a special magistrate as police sought his physical remand. A large number of lawyers embraced the suspect as he appeared smiling and completely unfazed in court.
Faisal’s father was present on the occasion and expressed pride at his son’s action. Lawyers are reluctant to prosecute the case against him and have expressed solidarity vowing to not send them to the gallows.
Khalid had shot dead Tahir Naseem in a Peshawar courtroom allegedly for his Ahmedi faith. The victim was facing accusations of blasphemy for the past two years.
Well-inforced sources that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is making efforts to interrogate the suspect at the US consulate in Peshawar. The Interior Minister has been approached in this regard with the knowledge on the media.
An officer at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) section at the Ministry of Interior revealed on condition of anonymity that the meeting could be held at the Zonal Office in Peshawar if the permission was granted.
The office of the Counter-Terrorism wing (CTW) was established in 2002 and provides assistance to US officials. The meeting will be kept confidential from local media. Interior Secretay Naseem Khokhar refused to comment when contacted.
The United States has released a statement expressing outrage over the killing of Naseem who was an American citizen. The US Embassy said it was providing consular assistance to Naseem and his family for the past two years.
The US has claimed that Naseem was lured from his home in Illinois by individuals who misused the blasphemy laws to entrap. They have Pakistani officials to make efforts and prevent such incidents.
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