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Coronavirus rebound

Pakistan is witnessing a gradual and significant decline in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. This has raised hopes that the country has dramatically reversed course in the coronavirus pandemic.
The nation recorded the lowest cases on Sunday despite the Eid holidays. There were 553 cases – the lowest in three months – and just six deaths. The number of cases was expected to rise on Eid but rather they have surprisingly declined by eighty percent in the past few months. This was blamed on lower testing or higher recoveries but it seems we are finally flattening the curve.
The downward trajectory has also been acknowledged by a renowned US daily which noted that overflowing coronavirus wards are freeing up beds, and the number of patients on ventilators has halved over the past month. This success comes as many countries around the world are still struggling with a surge in coronavirus cases.
Pakistan is considered a fortunate country to see a decline in coronavirus cases. In neighbouring India, the number of cases has surpassed 1.75 million and is one of the highest in the world. Even the United States is struggling and is the worst-hit nation. The situation back home has improved so much that the government has changed timings schedule in public organisations and is considering lifting the lockdown.
The decline is rather surprising as the prime minister had ignored advice for a complete lockdown, claiming it would hurt the lowest segments of society. Pakistan has charted through the tough phase of imposing a lockdown to completely opening up. However, it is too early to declare victory as coronavirus cases could see in resurgence if safety precautions are neglected.
The people also seemed to have learned valuable lessons when the cases spiked last Eid when they headed for shopping sprees in Ramazan and paid no heed to safety protocol. Now they are more cautious and have changed their erratic behaviour. This has helped bring the coronavirus outbreak under control in the country.
The government enforced a smart lockdown policy in virus hotspots, whereas schools, wedding halls and restaurants still remain shut. The city lacks an active nightlife and entertainment venues which helped keep cases lower. Those who were skeptical about the decline have begun accepting it. We should maintain this rebound before there is a resurgence of the virus.
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