Samsung sold 6.7 million 5G smartphones globally in 2019

6.7 million 5G smartphones sold by Samsung in 2019
SEOUL:  South Korea’s Samsung company said that it sold 6.7 million 5 G smartphones in 2019 between the Galaxy S10 5 G and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5 G, delivering smartphones that support the next-generation mobile network better than expected.
Although 6.7 million smartphones may not seem like much in the handset market’s grand scheme, it’s better than expected. As of November 2019, Samsung accounted for 53.9% of the global 5 G smartphone market and led the sector to sell customers.

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Five Galaxy 5 G models worldwide, including the Galaxy S10 5 G, Note10 5 G and Note10 + 5 G, as well as the recently launched Galaxy A90 5 G together with the Galaxy Fold 5G.
 T.M. Roh, president and head of IT and Mobile Communications Division of Samsung Electronics, said: “We are excited to bring 5 G to more categories of devices and introduce people to mobile experiences that they never imagined possible.”

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He further said, “For Samsung, 2020 is going to be Galaxy 5 G’s year and we’re excited to bring 5 G into even more smartphone segments and introduce people to mobile opportunities they never imagined possible.”
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