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PTI leaders oppose PEMRA order, defend media anchors

PTI leaders oppose PEMRA order, defend media anchors
ISLAMABAD: Senior leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) opposed new order issued by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory (PEMRA) today on Monday and showed their support to media anchors.
According to sources, the leaders took to twitter and expressed their views on the matter.
Party’s senior leader, Asad Umer tweeted, “Amazing decision by pemra to stop anchors to go on any other talk show and express their opinion!”


His tweet further said, “Pemra should be doing a better job taking action against completely fake news and not suppressing the right of individuals, including anchors, to express their opinion.”
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Human rights minister, Shireen Mazari also pinpointed her opinion and posted a series of tweets severly criticizing the decision.

She wrote,” Who is an “expert”? An interesting tho unintended debate has been generated – so purely at an academic non-political level: Do I need a degree in politics to be an expert on politics? I have no degree in “human rights” so should I go on TV to discuss “human rights” issues?”
The minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chauhdry agreed with the opinion of Shireen Mazari and tweeted that PEMRA’s order was illogical and not needed.

Earlier on Sunday, PEMRA released a notification where it instructed owners of channels to not let anyone use their platform to spread disinformation and to misguide the public.
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