Game addiction

The Islamabad High Court has ordered the PTA to remove the ban on popular online game PUBG. The regulator had banned the game after receiving complaints about some suicide cases and decided to impose a complete ban, dealing a heavy blow to the entire gaming community.
The game has been controversial for being highly addictive. For many people, video game addiction is a real problem and can have serious consequences. Video game addiction is more commonly associated with online multiplayer games. These are addictive as these no ending and gamer temporarily becomes an online character. They often build friendships with other online players as an escape from reality and get accepted among the gaming community.
Video games are addictive because they are designed to be that way as developers are also seeking to make a profit and in to make more people keep playing, they end up making the game more challenging. Game addiction has warning signs and can have negative consequences if not treated properly. Many gamers avoid sleeping or eating properly to continuing playing.
While the short-term effects of this may include hunger and fatigue, it could lead to sleep disorders and health issues. Those who isolate themselves in order to play video games may miss out on family events, hangouts with friends, and other social events. If this continues for a long period of time, they may be without any relationships and end up alone.
There are other long-term effects of video game addiction including financial, academic and occupational consequences. Video games and equipment is expensive particularly online purchases and fast internet. These games are also very time-consuming and players have less time to focus on their education, career and personal lives.
It is necessary to undergo an effective self-assessment to examine if you are addicted to games. If you or someone you know exhibit any warning signs, it would be advisable to cut back on playing games. Parents should monitor their child’s activities and rather than reprimanding them, they should seek help if their children exhibit addictive behaviour.
There is an alarming correlation between game addiction and depression and is just as dangerous and recovery is not always easy. Although the decision to lift the ban on PUBG is welcomed as it is never a solution, we should recognise game addiction as a serious disorder and not hesitate in seeking help.
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