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Hopes and IMF

Pakistan is getting closer to raeaching a staff-level agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after weeks of painful negotiations. The negotiations have brought Islamabad closer to the revival of the stalled $6bn Fund programme. The signs of positive negotiations

Increasing inflation and crimes

Today, inflation across the country has reached an all-time high. The value of the dollar has crossed Rs 215 and further horrible predictions are being made that the dollar will go above Rs 300. Everything from gold bricks to wood

Pak-Indo ties

Following the recent comment from Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, wherein he had advocated re-engagement with India, National Security Advisor (NSA) to the Prime Minister of India Ajit Doval has said that New Delhi wishes to normalize ties with Pakistan. However,

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T20 semi-finals

Amir Khakwani

Cricket is a very interesting sport in which some things cannot be guessed. Despite all the preparation, thorough practice, hard work and data research, there comes a day when it all comes to a standstill. The famous English player David Gower once said, \"It happened many times in my career that I went to bat happily. Lord\'s Ground, sunny, very pleasant weather, very good for long batting. A...

The fuss over talks with TTP

Sheeraz Sattar

The news of peace talks with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has created a fuss in the country as the major ally of the coalition government, the PPP is demanding to summon a joint session of the Parliament to discuss the controversial issue. PPP Senator Raza Rabbani, recently reacted to the development and asked the government to a summoned a joint session of the Parliament and ad...

Who will not die for this simplicity

Shahid Shahnawaz

The king was in a very bad mood. When he returned from hunting, they found that their prey was being prepared. Behind the scenes, the puppet minister sitting on the throne was preparing to overthrow the king. The problem was that the puppet minister had been told by someone that the king behind the scenes was not the real king but the one who was to be enthroned. Instead of trying to recover, ...

Rising geostrategic threat to China

Munir Ahmed

China is being surrounded by all four corners by the US and their allies. All the big powers are on the same page against China. Their efforts are peaking up. All conspiracy theories are narrowing down on China to put the country under weather. On the other hand, the friends of China are suffering from their own miseries and conspiracies. Even so, they are less in numbers and economic partners....

Chances for Pakistan to exit FATF’s grey list

Ambassador Dr. Jamil

The process of Pakistan\'s removal from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list is a good omen and a sigh of fresh air as global inflation, Pakistan\'s political situation, and other economic indicators continue to point to uncertainty. Worryingly, as long as Pakistan remained on the FATF\'s grey list, it faced a deficit of approximately $38 billion due to a lack of interest from fore...

“Miaun sahab”

Riyatullah Farooqui

How will the nation protect its rights whose political memory is preserved only for ten days? You write several columns from top to bottom to explain the same thing, but after a while, it will definitely ask you the question of whether \"Zulaikha\" was a man or a woman? Now that the Shehbaz government has started polishing the boots of the Establishment with King-size brushes of Ittefaq Foundry...

US-China war for economic survival 

Insyat Shamsi

It is said that the principle of killing others is common in wild animals to ensure their survival and security. In other meaning the law of crushing a danger before it crush you. Under this principle and law, every animal in the forest has a fear in its mind all the time, and try not to allow this fear to dominate it, so the animal always remain is a state of defense. Due to this nature, wild...

A case for the people

Nadeem Moulvi

Pakistan\'s economy is in dire straits. The question is, are politicians or the people responsible for the economic collapse. Inflation has been on the rise in every era but no one is bothered to find a reason and has made excuses.  A country progresses when we avoid covering up our shortcomings and finds solutions. Governments, sometimes by the people or by foreign conspiracies, always cite th...

Bankruptcy and elite class

Syed Safdar

Due to the wrong policies of incompetent and self-interested rulers, Pakistan\'s economy today has reached at a point from where if it go a few steps further, God forbid, there is a fear of bankruptcy of the country. Despite this worsening situation the elites of the country still enjoy all the privileges and facilities provided them by the government. This is  an unbearable burden on the masse...

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