PML-N leadership rift

A row between Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz to gain the reigns of the PML-N is not unexpected. Both have been embroiled in a tussle ever since Nawaz Sharif left for London and placed the party in a quandary from

Sabotaging KPL

A row has erupted over the hosting of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) cricket tournament. India is visibly irked about the tournament being held in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and is making all-out attempts to sabotage the event. The

India assumes UNSC presidency

India has assumed the presidency of the powerful United Nations Security Council for the month of August. This will frustrate Pakistan’s plan of raising the Kashmir issue at the global forum and will also bring on a collision course with

Peace in Afghanistan

In an interview with a delegation of Afghan journalists, Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it clear that only the Afghan people had the right to decide the fate of their country and that Pakistan had no favourites in the

PTI’s policy in Sindh

The prime minister is expected to visit several cities of Sindh in an attempt to woo the people of the province towards the party. The long-anticipated visit has been deferred on various occasions due to the premier’s schedule or rather

Lockdown in Karachi

The coronavirus situation in Karachi is getting out of control. The number of cases are spreading like wildfire and there is panic. The positivity rate has surged past 30%. The burgeoning cases are filing up hospitals and once again burdening

Taliban in China

It was widely speculated that China and Russia would move in to immediately fill the void after the United States announced to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan. In a sign of warming ties, a delegation of the Afghan Taliban has

End femicide

The recent incidents of killings and sexual assault against women have once again raised concerns about women’s safety in the country. It has also exposed the toxic misogyny in our societies where women are targeted and then victimized if they

COVID disaster

Pakistan has crossed the grim milestone of one million coronavirus cases and more than 23,000 people have lost their lives so far. The situation is worsening amid the fourth wave but we are not yet serious about the devastating effects

Extreme weather

The world has witnessed several catastrophic events recently showing the devastating effects of climate change and global warming. Scientists have been warning for years that the climate crisis would amplify the extreme weather and make it deadlier and more frequent.

Indian spying scandal

Pakistan has demanded a probe by United Nations against the widespread use of Israeli-developed Pegasus software to spy on politicians, journalists, and human rights activists around the world. India used the software for cyber-surveillance in gross violations of fundamental human

New restrictions in Sindh

The Sindh government has announced new restrictions in the province in view of the increase in coronavirus cases. These restrictions will be implemented from Monday. According to the decision of the Sindh government, shopping malls, markets will be open from

Pak-Afghan ties

Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been topsy-turvy for long. Lately, once again we have been witnessing ties hitting a lower ebb. NSA Moeed Yusuf said Afghanistan was being embarrassed by idiotic statements from its senior officials who were deliberately

Crimes against women

This week has seen several unfortunate incidents of crimes against women. Such incidents are far too common in society and often perpetuated by violent and aggressive men while the current laws are too soft and they often get scot-free. Last

Indian Influence on FATF

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has admitted that it had ensured Pakistan remained on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list while Pakistan has started considering approaching the President of the FATF after India admits to global politics on

The fourth wave

Being the most densely populated city, Karachi’s COVID cases are growing on the heels of the reopening of indoor dining and gatherings. The city’s positivity rate had increased to 23.12 percent in the last 24 hours when it was 8.5-9pc

Re-emergence of terrorism

With the worsening situation across the border with each passing day, Pakistan seems to face the brunt of the fallout and instability. There have been several incidents of seemingly unrelated terror incidents which could be linked to the developing situation

Dasu Bus incident

Pakistan and China agreed to complete the investigation into the Dasu bus accident as soon as possible. At least a dozen people – nine Chinese nationals and four Pakistanis – were killed after some sort of explosion in K-P’s Kohistan

Rising food prices

The government has increased the price of petrol by Rs5.40 per litre, reaching the highest level in the history of the country. The claims of providing relief to the masses will be pushed aside as the prices of essential commodities

Pakistan host Afghan talks

Pakistan is set to host prominent Afghan political leaders at a conference aimed to speed up the peace process. Pakistan will host a moot in an effort to restore peace in the war-ravaged nation as the Taliban advance and the

SOPs at cattle markets

The festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha is coming soon as many people flock to cattle markets to purchase their sacrificial animals. However, we need to take extra precautions amid the fourth wave of the coronavirus as cases keep rising across the

Criminalising torture

The human rights situation remains alarming in the country. The opposition has decried that its bills on human rights issues enter a ‘spiraling black hole’ and never make it to parliamentary procedures. The Senate has passed a bill against torture

Afghan debacle

The situation in Afghanistan is getting out of hand as the Taliban widens control. The hardline insurgents have already seized more than 100 districts and claim to control over 85 percent of Afghan territory. The Afghan armed forces are gradually

Monsoon preparations

The first spell of the monsoon season is set to lash across the country. Yet we are once again completely unprepared to deal with the risk of urban flooding and damages to infrastructure. Authorities remain oblivious to their responsibilities as

Rising COVID cases

The number of COVID-19 infections started going up again gradually and doubled in just one week. The positivity rate, which stood at less than 2 percent in June, reached almost 4 percent after a gap of 20 days on Saturday,

Elusive Afghan deal

The United States has strongly defended its decision to abruptly withdraw all military forces out of Afghanistan without reaching a political settlement as fighting rages across the country. This comes as the Taliban claim to have over 85 percent of

Domestic violence bill

Pakistan has failed to enact a bill on domestic violence for over five years. The Domestic Violence Bill 2020 was passed by the National Assembly in April this year but it has been sent to Council of Islamic Ideology (CCI)

Return to normal

Pakistan has ranked third in the ‘Global Normalcy Index’ out of 50 countries released by the renowned ‘The Economist’ magazine. Prime Minister Imran Khan is elated that the government’s efforts despite fervent criticism at home have been globally acknowledged. The

Baloch insurgency

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that he is considering holding talks with Baloch insurgents to bring peace in the province should be welcomed. If the government is serious about redressing the grievances of Balochistan, then it imperative that this matter

Indian terror financing

India’s nefarious designs have once again have exposed after its links have been proven in the Johar Town explosion in Lahore last week. The Indian media rejoiced at Pakistan being retained in the FATF’s grey list but it is now