US protests and racism

The United States is currently facing two major crises: coronavirus and racism. While the virus has taken away over 100,000 American lives and infected over a million, racism and police brutality has a long, chequered history in the country. The

Rethinking lockdown restrictions

As the nation observed a prolonged Eid break, the number of coronavirus cases spiked in the country. Although Eid this year around was rather different and lacked the unusual festivities, people did not hesitate to visit their friends and relatives

Regional peace at stake

In the current context, the situation between China and India regarding the Ladakh region is extremely tense and the armies of the two major countries are at swords’ point. Indian officials have informed that the latest row began in early

Releasing air crash reports

The prime minister silenced many critics when he released a damning report on the sugar crisis implicating even his close aides. The move was unprecedented as previously such investigative reports were brushed aside and never released. Now the prime minister

India-China standoff

There has been a stand-off at the disputed border between India and China in the Ladakh region and both countries are at the brink of a prolonged conflict. There have been skirmishes and India has even lost territory to Chinese

Ceasefire and Peace in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, despite its small size, has always been the target of conspiracies by world powers due to its geographical importance. The United States established its dominance in Afghanistan by force, but this war proved to be extremely nerve-wracking for the

Eid in Kashmir

The restive Kashmir valley celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on Sunday with sobriety due to continued lockdown. The crescent for the month of Shawal was not sighted in the rest of India which observed Eid on Monday May 25 instead, yet the people

Eid across Pakistan

Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated on Sunday across Pakistan and as every year, some controversy arose. However, the announcement of the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee cleared the confusions and the whole country celebrated Eid on the same day. The holy month of Ramazan is

PIA crash tragedy

Amid the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, the nation has been struck with another tragedy. A PIA passenger aircraft crashed on Friday near Karachi airport just moments before it was about to land. There were 91 passengers aboard the ill-fated

Tackling sugar barons

The cat is finally out of the bag. Prime Minister Imran Khan has allowed the release of an inquiry report by a commission formed to probe the sugar crisis that rocked the nation early this year, creating artificial shortages and

Rescuing Afghan peace efforts

Afghanistan was heading for a bleak future as violence returned to the war-ravaged and the peace process was in jeopardy. The Afghan Taliban signed a landmark deal with the United States to usher a new era of peace but the

Governor’s rule in Sindh

The opposition parties in Sindh are demanding the imposition of governor’s rule in the province claiming that the PPP government has failed to deliver and no longer deserved to be in power. This comes as a fresh blow in the

Budget amid pandemic

The government will present the federal budget for the fiscal year 2020-21 in parliament on June 12. This budget will be different this year as it is being prepared under the shadow of a global pandemic that has wrecked the

SC intervenes to end lockdown

The lockdown which had been imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus is effectively over. After opening shops, markets and other businesses, the last sticking point was the opening of shopping malls which has been resolved on the intervention

WHO regarding corona vaccine

Doubts about the possibility of a viable vaccine are constantly rising on the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) hasn’t approved any drugs or treatment for the novel coronavirus yet. The Health Body has informed that it has tested

Bleak Afghan future

There seems to be no end to the pain and misery in Afghanistan. As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, the attention has been shifted from war-torn nation and violence has returned. A brazen and heart-wrenching incident occurred earlier this

A virus among us

The WHO has warned that coronavirus may never go away. The global health agency and experts around the world are unable to predict when the virus will disappear and life will return to normal. The only way to end the

Diamer-Bhasha Dam

The government has expedited work on the Diamer-Bhasa Dam after the prime minister was informed that the mega-project was ready for construction. The prime minister ordered to commence work at the earliest to address the worsening water crisis in the

Another lockdown

Just days after lockdown restrictions were eased, the government has once again threatened to impose a strict lockdown if safety precautions and SOPs were violated. The federal cabinet took note of the blatant violations across the country and disregard for

A second wave of infections

After weeks of a loosely imposed lockdown, life resumed to normal as the government eased restrictions and allowed small markets to reopen. The decision has the authorities to rethink whether they make the right decision. People flocked to the markets

National Assembly session

The National Assembly held a much awaited session to discuss the current situation arising from the coronavirus pandemic. As expected, there were firecrackers as members of the opposition assailed the government for its handling of the crisis. The prime minister

Reopening of businesses and national unity

The reluctant Sindh government has allowed business activities across the province from today in accordance with the decisions of the National Coordination Committee. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah announced the reopening of the markets. However, he said that

Flouting social distancing rules

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, governments around the world, particularly developing countries, are faced with a dilemma; either impose strict lockdown and face economic depravations, or allow business to operate and see the number of infections surge

Resuming Parliament

After a long recess due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Assembly will be back in session on Monday. This decision came hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a phased relaxation of lockdown restrictions despite the surging number of

End of lockdown

The prime minister made the highly anticipated announcement to ease lockdown restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The government will reopen various sectors of the economy in phases starting from tomorrow. The decision comes as the coronavirus

COVID-19 vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic has brought global economies to their knees and only an effective vaccine will end all chaos and bring things to normal. This has created a race as people hope that an end to the crisis would be

Easing lockdown restrictions

The coronavirus crisis situation is far from under control. The number of cases have surged in recent days and deaths have increased while we have yet to reach the peak. Despite the adverse circumstances, the federal government has decided to

Repatriating stranded Pakistanis

Amid the global pandemic, many Pakistani citizens have expressed willingness to return back due to the worsening health and economic conditions in the countries they settled in. The government is now faced with the gargantuan task to repatriate these stranded

Politics amid coronavirus

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Pakistan has jumped t0 19,000 while lockdown is still in place across the country owing to which the masses are suffering severely. Amid this distress, the Sindh government and the Centre are currently

Virtual parliament

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, even parliament has been suspended and is in indefinite recess. This is hampering discussion on crucial health and economic issues amid the crisis and also passing of important legislation. With the ongoing lockdown restrictions and