Mob justice

In another incident of mob justice in Pakistan, two robbers were tortured to death in Karachi by the locals after they were caught killing one and injuring another citizen.  We are witnessing mob justice on an increasing scale all across

IMF talk delays

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has made it clear that Pakistan’s timely finalization of a recovery plan from devastating floods is essential to support discussions and continued financial support from multilateral and bilateral partners. The incumbent government has failed to

Flood victims and winter

With winter on the horizon and flood victims still far off from being rehabilitated, there is a growing concern that the cold temperature will be a threat to the lives of those currently living in tent settlements. Hence, appeals for

Weeks of speculations end

General Sahir Shamshad Mirza and General Asim Munir have been appointed as the new chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (CJCSC) and chief of army staff (COAS) of Pakistan, respectively, ending weeks of intense speculations and political tussle in the

CJCSC, COAS appointments

The process for appointing the new army chief has been initiated as the term of the incumbent General Qamar Javed Bajwa is ending on November 29. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) confirmed that it had received a summary for the appointment

Sugar export

A divide has appeared within the federal government over the issue of exporting sugar. A high-powered meeting between members of the sugar industry and different government ministers ended with the food ministry opposing the export of sugar despite finance minister

State, government and politics

A child born in any country of the world passes through his childhood and boyhood and reaches youth and old age which can be called developmental stages, the same is the case with Pakistan. The establishment of Pakistan has completed

Fund for climate loss & damage at UN summit

Floods in Pakistan this year caused large-scale destruction, the effects of which can still be seen across the country. Flood victims are still waiting for aid and appeals to the international community to increase aid from abroad are ongoing. If

IMF review talks further delayed

Talks on the 9th review of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Enhanced Fund Facility (EFF) have been further delayed as the Fund linked the arrival of its mission to Islamabad with the finalisation of macroeconomic framework with necessary adjustments. Sources

President Alvi-Dar meeting

Fridays have special importance in Pakistan’s political history, from the disqualifications of Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, there are many developments that took on Fridays. Yesterday, Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar called on President Dr Arif Alvi at Aiwan-e-Sadr,

Toshakhana saga

The Toshakhana saga is again making headlines as recently, a Dubai-based businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor in the Emirates has revealed that he has bought the Toshakana gifts given to ex-prime minister Imran Khan by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. Zahoor

IDEAS 2022

After the Russia-Ukraine war, the situation has changed rapidly at the international level, it seems that many countries are suffering from the lack of weapons of war, which makes the United States, Russia and other defense weapons producers. potential markets.

Looming gas shortage

With the advent of the winter season, the gas crisis seems to have worsened as the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) halted gas supply to industries across Karachi, while the Petroleum Division Secretary informed the National Assembly Standing Committee

London meetings

It all started with the revelation in September 1972 by Maulana Kausar Niazi, the then federal information minister and a close associate of prime minister ZA Bhutto, that the head of the National Awami Party, Khan Abdul Wali Khan; the

Abuse of house help

One of the most neglected social problems of our society is the inhuman treatment meted out to domestic servants. In many cases, they are treated shabbily by the household owners who employ them. In one recent incident of domestic violence,

Hope for the Cup

Thursday was not good for the Indian cricket fans as their side faced a humiliating defeat at the hands of England by 10 wickets even after scoring 168 runs. So now it is official that Pakistan will be taking on

Commitments of friendly countries

Pakistan has received commitments of$13 billion from Saudi Arabia and China, which has become a sigh of relief for Islamabad. This announcement was made by Finance Minister Ishq Dar, who ruled out the chances of Pakistan’s default. This additional financial

Semi-final dream

All eyes are on Syed Cricket Ground as Pakistan will take on New Zealand in the first semi-final of T2- Men’s World Cup today. Scenes are electrifying as the masses are hoping that the Green Shirts will repeat the history

Bleak Future

Pakistan’s fragile financial and economic situation has landed the country into deep trouble. Businesses are apprehensive, growing political and economic unpredictability is having a negative effect on business confidence. Interactions with the business community over the past six months point

UN’s Climate Summit

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has left for Egypt to participate in the “Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit”. PM will co-chair the summit along with his Norwegian counterpart on Tuesday. This year’s conference of parties (COP27) is set to happen this

Another “Do more”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in another do more demand has postponed its scheduled talks with Pakistan to review the loan program until the imposition of sales tax on petroleum products. According to sources, the meeting that was scheduled to

Another political leader attacked

Attacks on politicians are not new in Pakistan, the country has a vast history of assassination attempts on politicians from the country’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan to Benazir Bhutto. In the latest attack on the mainstream political leadership

Food insecurity and farmers’ relief package

Following the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan, especially in the agriculture sector, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced a much-awaited special package of Rs 1,800 billion to promote the sector. This is good a good move considering the

Need for Political Reconciliation

The game of politics has once again reached a boiling point. The confrontation between the government and opposition is not something of a novelty, the history of power politics is as old as the country itself. Unfortunately, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Looming threat of gas shortage in winter

Another harsh winter is waiting for Pakistan as the country is falling short to arrange gas to meet the domestic demand. The world is currently facing a global energy crisis, which began in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and

Alarming inflation

Seems that there is no sigh of relief for the people of Pakistan as the country is once again reporting record-breaking inflation rates of 4.3 per cent on a week-by-week basis. According to the World Bank, the situation is bound

PM Sharif’s maiden visit to China

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is all set to embark on his maiden visit to China on November 1.  The visit will focus on the immediate ‘restart’ of the multibillion-dollar CPEC initiative and the swift completion of the pending large infrastructure

Another mob attack

From KP’s Mishal Khan to Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara, Pakistan has seen several cases of mob attacks and in recent barbarism, two telecom company workers were beaten to death and lynched in Karachi over suspicion of being robbers.  The

Economic inequality

Rising inflation, poverty and unemployment across the country have given rise to numerous problems that are affecting the poor and the middle class as well as the rich class.  No society in the world can develop without identifying and tackling

Attacks on polio teams

In all the countries of the world, including Pakistan, where the epidemic of lawlessness has taken root, the education sector is the most affected, followed by the health sector. The anti-national elements understand very well that if a nation is