Senate and politics

The much-hyped Senate elections are finally over but the political climate still remains intense. The past few days have witnessed a potful of political events as both sides traded barbs over allegations of horse-trading, videos of vote buying and selling

Vaccine sluggishness

Pakistan launched an inoculation campaign and administered vaccine doses to frontline workers but there has been uncertainty when the next batches will reach. The pandemic is far from over and experts have warned of a third wave as restrictions have

Senate election strategy

The Senate elections are just days away and all political parties have geared up campaigning for the polls. The elections are seen with keen interest as it could devise further course of action for the government and even the opposition

Pakistan remains on grey list

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has decided to keep Pakistan on its grey list until June 2021. This has been the fourth time Pakistan has been given an extension and has said to have made ‘significant progress’ but there

By-election controversy

By-elections seldom garner interest in our country and are often characterized by low voter turnout and the previous party often retains the seat. But the recent by-polls have created controversy and surprises, which could indicate the changing political scenario in

Revival of IMF loans

The IMF has agreed to revive the $6 billion programme which was suspended in April last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and policy disagreements. The global financial institution reached a staff-level agreement which would pave the way for the

State of education

The education system in our country, particularly in the province of Sindh, lies in dire straits marred by official apathy and negligence. A recent report has revealed that only 4.5 million children are enrolled in schools across Sindh while more

Local govt elections

After the bypolls and Senate elections, the next major challenge would be hosting the local government elections. The government was in no hurry but was increasingly being pushed by the Supreme Court to hold the elections and devolve power even

Kashmir struggle

The people of Pakistan and Kashmiris are observing ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to raise their voice against the ongoing struggle against Indian oppression. The situation changed drastically in occupied Kashmir when India annexed the region in August 2019 and imposed a

Funds for lawmakers

The Supreme Court has taken notice of the development funds approved by the prime minister for parliamentarians and warned that legal proceedings could be taken if it was against the law. Prime Minister Imran Khan had approved Rs500 million for

Myanmar coup

The powerful Myanmar military has seized power by staging a coup and detained democratically elected leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi. The army has declared a state of emergency for one year after claiming voter fraud in the elections last

Daniel Pearl case

The gruesome murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 had shocked the world and sparked outrage. After nearly two decades, the Supreme Court has acquitted the main suspects and ordered their immediate bringing the case back into the spotlight.

Corruption ranking

The eradication of corruption and returning looted wealth either stashed abroad or in possession of influential personalities was one of the defining elements PTI’s manifesto which brought it to power. Despite the passage of over two years, the situation is

PML-N and Senate elections

It seems that PML-N has finally decided to contest the Senate elections and defer the decision of resigning from the assemblies. This is a major shift among the PDM which has been threatening to sabotage the Senate elections by resigning

Our vaccine plan

Many countries around the world have started administering COVID-19 vaccines but Pakistan’s inoculation programme is still mired uncertainty and could take several months to commence. Pakistan has set up the first vaccination centre in Islamabad and registered frontline healthcare workers

India at UNSC

India started its eighth term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council last week but has already realized the bitter division of an open debate in a polarized world. It has also been a disappointing start for India

Resolving Balochistan’s problems

The prime minister finally visited Quetta just hours after the Hazaras buried the eleven coalminers brutally killed in Machh and ended their protests. Despite the controversy and politicization prior to the visit, it must be welcomed that issue has been

Abbasi’s political excursion

Although the opposition has not come out with a decisive strategy to oust the government, the political temperatures in the country remain high. The PDM does not want to give the impression that it has been weakened and has been

Assault on Washington

The last days of Donald Trump’s presidency are ending in disgrace after he not refused to concede defeat but incited his party to violate the constitution and overturn his election defeat. As the US Congress defied his call and was

Hazara protests intensify

The protests by the Hazara community against the killing of eleven coalminers in Machh area of Balochistan are intensifying. There have been protests and sit-ins in various parts of Karachi and all possible political efforts are being made to console

Qatar crisis resolved

Diplomatic relations have been restored between Qatar and four other Arab nations that had been boycotting it for over three years. The resolution of the long-running crisis amicably could bring winds of change in the Middle East and reaffirm Arab

Hazara killings

The killings of eleven coal miners belonging to the Hazara community in Macch area of Balochistan are shocking and must be condemned in all forms and manifestations. The gruesome attack has sparked protests and has drawn nationwide condemnation. The coal

PDM rift continues

The rift continues with the PDM as it has still failed to come with a coherent strategy to oust the government. With the PPP backing out from mass resignations, it seems that the PML-N could also flip leaving JUI-F chief

Descent into chaos

There is one thing common among both Pakistan and India and that religious minorities continue to be targeted in both countries. Two incidents that occurred on the same day shows how both countries are descending into chaos and religious extremism.

PPP backs out

It is certainly the end of the road for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The PPP has decided not to resign from assemblies and instead contest the Senate elections, contrary to the earlier stance of the multi-party opposition alliance which

Next round of Afghan talks

The next round of negotiations between the Afghan Taliban and the government will be held in Qatar from next month. Pakistan has reiterated its commitment as the peace process makes encouraging progress towards a political solution to the conflict. Pakistan’s

Economic recovery

The PTI government is developing the economy while removing the obstacles created by the opposition either by political rallies or spreading fear that the nation is not on the right track. I am stunned by the sheer ignorance of the

Indian media hate speech

India is being exposed for its smear campaign and propaganda against Pakistan. The Indian media has been hand in glove with the racist BJP regime in its hate campaign against Pakistan. The EU DisinfoLab had uncovered a massive network of

Rift within JUI-F

It was only a matter of time before the rift would emerge within the JUI-F over the PDM’s narrative. JUI-F leaders have realized that they cannot carry forward the diatribe being pushed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman against state institutions and

Worsening gas crisis

The gas crisis is worsening as winter gets harsher. The gas supply has been stopped for industries till January 2021 and domestic consumers are worried that they will be affected by the gas shortages. The crisis set to worsen as