We are facing hurdles as govt did not take urgent action over COVID-19: Nasir Shah

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the nation is facing a difficult situation today since the federal government did not take any urgent decision on time over coronavirus.
While addressing a press conference on Thursday, the provincial minister said that all the focus of the federal government was on the Taftan border first, and now they were just keeping an eye on the people who belonged to Tablighi Jamaat, he added.
During the meeting,  the minister said that no one checked the people who arrived in Pakistan from foreign countries. These people were neither properly checked at the airport nor later on lead to the spread of the virus, he added.
While criticising the incumbent government, Nasir Hussain Shah said that the prime minister did not devise a joint strategy by taking on board all the four provinces to control the spread of the virus in the beginning.
The provincial minister said that it was only the Sindh government that took timely steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He said that the provincial government was the first to provide its team of doctors at the airport which could screen people coming from abroad.
He further said that initially the federal government did not take any appropriate steps at the airports in terms of screening people. “It was the responsibility of the government to arrange for proper screening of the people at the airports,” he added.
He said that Chief Minister Sindh took the first step regarding the lockdown and also contacted the Prime Minister in this regard, even then the response was not positive, he added.
Nasir Hussain Shah said, “Apart from these things, the federal ministers baselessly kept on blaming the Sindh government, although it was not the appropriate time for the blame game. He further said, “It was the time to cooperate with each other and not for point-scoring.”
Provincial Minister for Education Saeed Ghani and Provincial Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh were also present during the press conference.

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