Telegram reports over 20 million new users in 72 hours

NEW YORK: Messaging app ‘Telegram’ has registered over 25 million new users in just three days after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

The app had over 500 million monthly active users in the first weeks of January and 25 million new users joined Telegram in the last 72 hours.

Telegram has become an alternative for those seeking a private and secure communications platform. Just after introducing its new policy, WhatsApp has been facing criticism.

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The telegram was founded in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. They are also the founder of Russia’s social media network VKontakte. However, according to WhatsApp’s new policy, data is impacted when there is interaction with a business on the platform. The app’s new privacy policy created a hue and cry on the internet.

WhatsApp is a popular social media platform and has billions of users around the world. However, the new policy let the users reconsider their choice of using platforms.