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Sindh govt to reduce flour price as crisis worsens: Mahmood Moulvi

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Maritime Affairs Mr Mahmood Moulvi. Source: FILE.
KARACHI: Adviser on Maritime Affairs Mr Mahmood Moulvi has said that the Sindh government is likely to reduce the price of flour to address the crisis in the province.
In a statement on micro-blogging site Twitter, the adviser said that the price of flour per kilogram is expected to reduce to Rs 42 soon.
“Sindh Govt to take actions to stop increasing prices of flour across the province. Flour prices will be reduced to around Rs 42 per kg and wheat crisis issue will be solved,” he said.

Earlier, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi has said that he expected a flour crises in Karachi due to the mismanagement of the Sindh government.
Zaidi said that the city may face crises of flour in the upcoming weeks.
He wrote “The way Sindh Govt has mismanaged the flour issue, I expect flour crises in Karachi starting next week. Wrong policies, corrupt practices & no control on flour mills.”
Last month, the adviser on maritime affairs Mahmood Moulvi has said that the flour prices in Sindh are likely to decline from Rs 8 to 10 per kilogram.
He said the federal government is taking steps to curb inflation in the country. However, he said steps are being taken with the Sindh government to reduce the flour prices,” said Moulvi.
He added that meetings with flour mills owners along with the Sindh government were in progress, adding that the government is fully aware of the problems of Karachi and positive steps were being taken to resolve them soon.
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