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Our rupee has gained without any support, says PM

Our rupee has gained without any support, says PM
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that without any support, instead of falling, our rupee was gaining.
Addressing a signing ceremony of Super-6 310-MW Wind Power Projects in Islamabad on Friday, the prime minister said that the rupee was gaining with the stock market showing positive sentiments and exports increasing.

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The prime minister added, “The stock market reflects the sentiment of the market, it has become positive.”
He further added, “the country’s economy had stabilised with all economic indicators moving towards a positive trajectory.”
He said that among the main indicators, the current account deficit had fallen, exports were rising and investor confidence is increasing.

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Imran Khan said, “So thank God our direction now is fine,” the premier said. “Now we have to go forward from here, we have to run our economy.”
Talking about his official visits to China, Khan said, “I have visited China three times and met their ministers along with the think tanks. China has brought 70 million people out of poverty, their policies are long-term.”
According to Imran Khan, Pakistan, unfortunately, plans short-term.

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Khan said, “After every five years, we try to win the election for which we do short-term planning. This is the major difference between us and China.”
The prime minister said the government’s methods were aimed at uplifting the poor division of the society by creating maximum employment opportunities for people.
“There is a huge potential of hydroelectricity in the country but costly electricity was produced through imported fuel,” the prime minister said.

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While highlighting power projects in Pakistan, Khan said that the Super 6 wind power projects would provide affordable and environmentally friendly clean energy to the country.
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