Need to tackle social issues by changing narrative in films, TV: Mahira Khan

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said that in order to change the thinking of society, we have to change the stories shown in our films and dramas.

Mahira Khan, who was recently named among the 100 Most Influential Women of 2020, in an interview with a British news outlet, said that voices are raised against sexual violence. “People come to the streets, there is news but then everything is gradually forgotten,” she said.

However, she added that people are not ready to be trained. “We should create programs that train children but we are not ready to talk openly about it,” she added.

The actress said that the story in our TV series and movies should be changed. “We cannot just show that women are being oppressed,” she asserted. She explains how inaccurate it is to show a woman in drama falling in love with the same person who abused her. “We also show the same person as a hero,” she added. “The perpetrator cannot be a hero,” she maintained.

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While highlighting endorsing of fairness creams, the actress claimed that she had been approached for a number of bleaching creams and products, but she never endorsed fairness creams since the start of her film career.

Khan said that she felt that by being part of such a product she was endorsing the idea that a dark-skinned girl, boy, or anyone not as beautiful or attractive as another person is. “I never really understood that,” she maintained.