Nawaz Sharif discharged from Services Hospital

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has left for his residence as he has been formally discharged from the Services Hospital.
Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to be shifted to Sharif Medical City Hospital, but since the release orders for his daughter Maryam Nawaz could not be obtained from Lahore High Court, the former premier decided to delay his departure from the hospital so the two could leave together.
Nawaz was accompanied by his mother and other family members. Maryam also arrived at the Services hospital and accompanied her father to their residence. She had arrived at the hospital after being released from jail.
The doctor had earlier informed the media that certain medical tests including a genetic test that have been recommended for Nawaz are not available in Pakistan.

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His remarks followed a meeting between a 12-member board of the hospital to review Nawaz’s health situation and decide the future course of his treatment.
The medical board recommended that a genetic test be carried out after it was observed that Nawaz’s platelets could not be raised to normal levels and that his sugar and blood pressure levels were also inconsistent.
The spokesperson also said that due to low platelet counts there were chances that an infection might develop, and the doctors suggested the setting up of a special medical unit in Jati Umra.
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