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Man arrested for fraud, impersonating state agency officer

KARACHI: A man who pretended to an officer of an intelligence agency while defrauding a citizen of millions of rupees has been arrested by police.
The suspect Imran Agahi, who was finally apprehended by Azizabad police, had been evading arrest for several years as law enforcement agencies sought to capture him.
He has been accused of defrauding Rs2.5 million from a citizen named Kamran. Imran Agahi had given a cheque to Kamran as payment for a business dealing which bounced back from the bank due to lack of funds.
Imran had threatened Kamran of grave consequences if he lodged a complaint. Police claimed the suspect had been involved in similar incidents of defrauding citizens and was even involved in illegal occupation of public lands.
Imran Agahi has been arrested before but was released by the courts on several occasions or secured bail. The suspect impersonated himself as an intelligence officer and even as a media professional to defraud citizens.
Police said that further investigations underway to uncover his alleged crimes. They said the suspect is being interrogated and will be given exemplary punishment. He is involved in a wide range of criminal activities including fraud and deception, impersonification and bringing state agencies to disrepute.
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