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Insurance fraud case: Woman’s sisters testify she is alive

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency is investigating the case in which two children declared their elderly mother dead to fraudulently claim Rs250 million insurance from a United States company. According to the FIA, Fahad Saleem and Faria Saleem declared their

Man arrested for impersonating as NAB Chairman’s legal adviser

ISLAMABAD: A man has been arrested for falsely claiming to the legal adviser of the Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and fraudulently receiving vast amounts from various individuals. The fraudster was arrested by Margalla police station and used to identify

Man arrested for fraud, impersonating state agency officer

KARACHI: A man who pretended to an officer of an intelligence agency while defrauding a citizen of millions of rupees has been arrested by police. The suspect Imran Agahi, who was finally apprehended by Azizabad police, had been evading arrest