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I am not answerable to anyone: Nadia Khan opens up on adopted son

Famous TV host Nadia Khan has recently opened up about her adopted son that the only reason she uses the word ‘adopted’ is that people were criticizing her a lot.

She was invited to a show where she specifically talked about her children. During an interview, Nadia shared that the only reason she is using the word adopted for her son named Kiaan is because of people.

“People were saying so many rubbish things that they just got married and there is a son so they were asking why did you adopt, you already have children so I am not answerable to anyone but he is my son, my life.”

“I adopted Kiaan last year when he was just 20 days old. When the whole process of Kiaan started talking, the first thing he said was PAPA and I used to be like Papa is not here but I used to say jokingly that we will bring the best Papa,” she maintained.

A mother of three children, Nadia Khan is one of Pakistan’s most popular female TV hosts. For the first time ever, Nadia posted a picture of her youngest son Kiaan along with her other two children Alizeh and Azaan in July 2020 on her Instagram account.

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Khan , who recently got married for the third time  introduced her husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao to her fans in an Instagram session. On other hand, Rao’s ex-wife named Lubna Farooq shared some shocking facts about him. “Faisal is a cheater and he mentally tortured me and his first wife, I don’t want people to idealize him.” She further added, “The marriage did not end up well due to Faisal’s extra-martial affair with Nadia Khan.”

Lubna Farooq claimed that she is the second wife of Faisal Rao, Nadia Khan, Faisal Rao had married another woman named Shama before her and they have separated from him. However, she said that off the record, she does not know how many times he has been married.