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Nadia Khan

Angry Nadia Khan shares Wikipedia listed Hania Aamir as her spouse

Famous host Nadia Khan has expressed anger over Wikipedia as it mistakenly named Hania Aamir as her spouse. Recently, Nadia Khan invited actor Imran Abbas to her show as a guest where she has talked about the wrong information that

Why did Nadia Khan get emotional about her daughter?

Popular TV show host and actress Nadia Khan has opened up on how she attempted in vain to stop her daughter Alizeh from going abroad. Nadia Khan hosted a program on a state-run TV channel in which her daughter Alizeh

I am not answerable to anyone: Nadia Khan opens up on adopted son

Famous TV host Nadia Khan has recently opened up about her adopted son that the only reason she uses the word ‘adopted’ is that people were criticizing her a lot. She was invited to a show where she specifically talked

Nadia Khan’s husband is a cheater and mentally tortured me, claims ex-wife

DUBAI: Famous Pakistani actress and TV host Nadia Khan’s husband’s shocking revelations have been made by his wife. Rao’s ex-wife named Lubna Farooq shared some shocking facts about him. “Faisal is a cheater and he mentally tortured me and his