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Governor’s rule in Sindh

The opposition parties in Sindh are demanding the imposition of governor’s rule in the province claiming that the PPP government has failed to deliver and no longer deserved to be in power.
This comes as a fresh blow in the already strained relations between the federal and provincial governments over the handling of the coronavirus crisis.  Just days ago, Information Minister Shibli Faraz vehemently denied rumours regarding the imposition of governor rule, calling it the propaganda of anti-state elements and an attempt to divert attention from the outbreak and other issues.
Despite the denial in Islamabad, there were calls for the imposition of the mode of governance for Sindh. PTI leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi went the extra mile criticising the Sindh government and said there was no harm in imposing governor rule. He said Article 235 of the Constitution allows the president to impose a financial emergency and such a move cannot be considered as unconstitutional.
The Sindh opposition is frustrated over the provincial government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and governance. Naqvi called the PPP government failed and corrupt which is pocketing funds rather than spending it on the welfare of the people. The politicking continues between the two parties at the expense of the people in the province.
The concerns of the Sindh opposition parties are justified but the demands for imposition of governor rule are not a solution. Any step to dislodge an elected government would have far-reaching consequences and legal challenges and could be viewed as an attack on the democratic system.
The PPP had imposed governor’s rule in Punjab in 2009 for a few months dismissing the PML-N government but the procedure was altered in the landmark 18th Amendment to avoid the move in the future. It requires a resolution from the provincial government which is improbable for the opposition parties in Sindh.
It seems that the PTI leaders in Sindh are taking a much harder line against the PPP as compared to those in Islamabad. PTI minister Fawad Chaudhry has also dismissed the imposition of governor’s rule. The PPP has been in power in the provincial for over a decade and the opposition leaders are irked by the prolonged rule.
The imposition of governor rule would create further chaos and hysteria in the nation battling a pandemic and economic crisis. The prime minister needs to take over the reign of leadership and restrain party leaders in Sindh from issuing such statements as the nation needs unity at this moment to tackle the growing challenges.
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