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Five Mistakes You Must Avoid During Walks

Regular walking helps a person to maintain a healthy weight and help in staying fit. This routine also prevents heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

However, one might make several walking mistakes unknowingly. We have listed five tips you should avoid for a better walk:

1) Skipping warm-up

A warm-up prepares your muscles. After warming-up start slow and gradually increase your speed. Slow down when you are done rather than stopping abruptly.

2) Poor hydration

Sweating makes you lose water. Drink enough water before and after the walk for optimum hydration. Avoid caffeinated beverages before your walk, they cause you to lose fluid, make you thirstier, and lead to inconvenient stops along the way.

3) Not using arms

It’s a walking mistake to keep your arms still at your sides while walking or to swing them without bending them. Swing your arm back and forth while walking. Move your arms from the shoulders, and not from elbows.

4) Walking slowly

You need to walk a bit faster than you normally do throughout the day for effective results. Brisk walking is an effective workout of the body.

5) Walking flat-footed

Through this walking routine, your foot becomes flattening out prematurely and you may develop shin pain.

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